Sunday, May 18, 2008

A view like a painting

I've been tagged again in another meme, but this is one I actually enjoy. Dyln got me this time with the Front Door/Back Door Meme.
The instructions are simple. Stand at your front door and shoot a picture. Go to your back door and do the same.
My view out my back door. I do things backwards sometimes. Ever since we moved here almost 10 years ago, I've always thought it looks like a painting.
And out my front door (mudroom door). A big 18-wheeler came about two weeks ago and dropped off all these fence posts you see to the left. There are about 4 piles of them and they're blocking the view from the front door. The front door is on this side of the house.
This meme's simplicity appeals to me and in the hopes of introducing bloggers and visitors alike to each other, I hereby tag the following: Tombstone Annie, Mental Pause Mama, Shimmy Mom, Hilary, and Meg at Lucchese to Louis Vuitton.
I hope they notice, because I'll probably forget to tell them all!


Mental P Mama said...

Well, I'll try...but I can guarantee that I have nothing like this!

dlyn said...

I lvoe how freakin GREEN it is there!

Shimmy Mom said...

Your view look like a picture on a post card. I can't top that. But this is a meme I can do! I'll get it posted by Monday.

Anonymous said...

jealous jealous jealous!

Out my back door is a view of a sign for a stupid gas station! ACK! I hate living in the city.


Stumbled upon your beautiful photos. What good fortune you have to live in such a beautiful setting. Count your blessings.

Mary said...

OK, it's official -- you live in the most beautiful spot on earth!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

tripped on over here from mental p's ... yep you have a BEAUTIFUL spot outside your doors... and just the bits I see I love your photography too... I will be back:)

Egghead said...

Truly gorgeous. Makes me imagine the fresh smells and feel of sunshine on my face.

Anonymous said...

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