Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guessing Game winner announced

EMILY has won this weekend's guessing game by being the first of many to guess correctly with DANDELION. Emily is pictured here on the left and that's her sister, Samantha, on the right. Emily is a college student (who graduates this month!) and lives in PA. She's also my niece, and she and Sam are the daughters of my sister, Charlotte.
Speaking of my sister, Charlotte . . . When I was in my early twenties, before any of my sisters had children, Charlotte had her names picked out for her future children. She told us that these were the names she had especially chosen and when she has children in the future, it would be really nice of us if we didn't choose them for our own. And those names were Sam and Emily. Great names, and I wish I had thought of them, but we respect each other's wishes in my family, and so the names Sam and Emily worked out well for everyone concerned. I just wanted to throw that out there.
I want to thank everyone who played the game this weekend and yes, Hilary, I saw that you had posted a gorgeous photo of a dandelion and it's actually where I got this idea! I'm thinking that next week's challenge will have to be a more difficult one. This one was wayyyyy too easy! So, Emily, hope you enjoy the fame that comes from this big win and let me know when People Magazine calls ya!
Have a wonderful evening, all.


tj said...

...Congrat's 'Emily'! I would've never had guessed it 'til I read the above comments and then it's like, "oh yeah..." :o)


Egghead said...

So I wonder what would have happened if you would have used the names for your sons. Hee hee! Would it still have counted?