Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sharing my flowers and a sale at Totally Rad

After the big walk with George this morning, I put the macro lens on my camera and went back out to take pictures of things I'd spied on the way. There were little things, like mushrooms and little flowers, all near my house. Then I spent hours afterwards, working on pictures and felt like a total slug, so I decided to finish work on the stone patio outside the kitchen sliding glass door.
When we moved here, this area around the shady side of the house was rather neglected. There was a little stone patio that had been started by the previous owner, but grass had taken over in all the cracks and open spaces. I'm trying to turn it into something that looks a lot better, and I don't mind sweating, hauling rock and getting dirty.
I also took a quick trip up to the garden center again, picked up a few plants for the shade, and planted them. The pictures posted here are ones I took of our sunflowers before we moved. No, I'm not reminiscing or anything, just sharing my flowers.
For those who are into Photoshop, specifically actions, Doug and Chenin Boutwell at Totally Rad Actions are having a sale until August 3. They're celebrating the fact that they've won Best Actions at Blu's Daily Blog. Sets are 25% off and I'm telling you, if I hadn't spent money on new curtains and a rug for this place, I would be right on this sale. I'd also be thinking of buying one of those cool downloadable sites on that blog. So I'm putting it out there for you. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Photography is an expensive addiction...I mean HOBBY, isn't it??

Anonymous said...

Nice shots, I'm a sucker for sunflowers.

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures of the flowers, wonderful petals, and the lighting is magnificent. I'm tempted to suggest taking a spray bottle to get the dew'ey look on them for that added ... magic?
And wet bee's are so cute! (and angry though)

Treasia Stepp said...

Love the sunflowers. Please do take some pics and share of your new redone patio someday.

Country Girl said...

Thanks everyone. And Treasia, now I wish I'd taken some "before" pics. It's just going to be a little stone platform. I'm trying to find some more stone around the farm to finish it today.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Sunflowers and daisies... don't they make you happy? I could be in a bad mood, pass a field of sunflowers and - poof! - my bad mood will vanish. I have my Photoshop SC3 class tonight. As soon as I get home, I am going shopping for actions. Thanks for the sale tip, Kate :)

Mary said...

Would you believe that I have not loaded Photoshop on my computer yet? I've got to get my act together. thanks for the links -- I'll go check them out.

Love the sunflowers!

Mental P Mama said...

My favorite summer flowers! Don't work too are on vacation after all;)

abb said...

Beautiful flowers, and I love seeing that honeybee on the first one! DO take pics now and then as progress goes on!

Shimmy Mom said...

Thanks for the tip. I'm being to feel silly saying "Great Pics." because I say it everyday, but you've shared a photo I didn't like. So I hope you don't mind hearing, "Great Pics, Kate!" Every day.
I really like the first one. You don't see the darker sunflowers very often and I think they are really pretty. Plus when ever you can get a bee on the flower it's a big bonus!

Jules said...

Very nice I just have to figure out exactly what this Totally Rad site is all about???

Aren't you suppose to be on vaca?

ps. I want your dog he's adorable!

Anonymous said...

Great work.