Monday, November 17, 2008

Favorite Things: Earl Grey tea with jasmine

I love Earl Grey tea, especially when I buy it loose with jasmine blossoms in it. And today, I used my very last bit.

I love it even more when it's in my favorite teacup, the one with the dragonflies on it, the one my friend Lynn gave me for Christmas one year.

"I'm going to have to go to the little tea shoppe for more of this Earl Grey", I thought. But wait!! I think I have enough tea in my cupboards.

Drinking hot tea is something I do when the weather turns chilly, and it reminds me of a conversation I had with Adrienne exactly one month ago, while I was in the hospital with my husband and she and several others were setting up our house for us, as we'd just moved that weekend.

She called me on my cell and my husband had just been moved into a private room. I'd been sitting there next to him, reading a book. I took the call out in the hallway, trying to be quiet.

A: Hey, is this a good time? How's he doing?

CG: Yeah, it's fine. He's napping. I think he's going to be ok.

A: That's so good, Kate. I'm just calling to tell you that you have a serious addiction.

CG: Me? I have an addiction? What addiction?

A: Your fricken tea, you moron! Do you have any idea how much fricken tea you have in this kitchen? I must have unpacked an entire box of it!

CG: Well, yeah, I know I have a lot of tea.

A: Why do you have this much tea? And more importantly, when was the last time you ever drank a cup of tea? I've never seen you drink tea!

CG: Um, well, I drink it in the fall and the winter. When it gets cold, you know . . . And I drink it iced in the summer, when it's hot . . . so I drink tea.

A: Oh, my God. You and your fricken rules. You have rules about tea? I've told you, YOU HAVE ISSUES!!!

A: And they involve TEA!!! Among other things.

CG: Um, Adrienne, what is the problem? I mean, people give me tea as gifts at school. They know that I, um, like it, I guess.

A: You have enough tea here to put it all in its own cabinet, do you know that? You could open a shop with all this tea! And I even had to throw some out!! Your sister agrees with me.

CG: Char agrees with you about my tea? What tea did you throw out? Not the Earl Grey with jasmine!!!

A: I don't know about your Earl Grey, but I threw a mess of it out. You have too much. I think this is an addiciton you have to quit, Kate. Do you buy tea when you're at the grocery store?

CG: Um, sometimes.

A: I KNEW IT!! I knew it wasn't all gifts!!!

CG: Adrienne, just don't throw the Earl Grey out. It's in the white cannister.

A: Oh, don't worry about your precious Earl Grey. It's on the counter. But THE REST OF IT is in a cabinet. An entire cabinet.

CG: Why are you so upset?

A: I'm not upset. I'm just messing with you! Hahaha! Hey, I gotta go. Your sister's drinking all the wine. See ya!

I looked at the phone. And I shook my head. I would have rather been at my new house with them, laughing over my addiction to fine teas, among all the other issues Adrienne says I have. But I was here with my husband. And I was so lucky to have family and friends who were moving us into our new home.

And laughing over all of my things!!!

The Earl Grey with jasmine really is my favorite. Oh, I know! Maybe Adrienne will give me a box of it for my birthday!


Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


dlyn said...

A most excellent post Ms K. :D I really mean that - it's not just the Zinfandel talkin'.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Sunday????Were you slacking again??!!!!Kate, Kate , Kate. See ya tomorrow morning!!

Country Girl said...

Thanks, Dlyn! And that's not just the Earl Grey talkin'.

And Rich, is that you? I never post on Sunday. Well, rarely. I have issues, you know.

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

Boy you must be sitting by the computer that was fast. You are good but you know how we need our daily fix of the Country Girl!!!!! The cold weather keeps us inside and checking for update of the blog.

Mental P Mama said...

Well at least I know what to bring for a hostess gift;)

Deb said...

What a beautiful cup and I love the tea holder. As for the Earl, I find him to be a bit bold for me. My favorite is orange mandarin. But I didn't drink it for years and years. You see, when my father in law had open heart surgery while on hospital duty, I would walk down to the coffee and tea cart and get a giant cup of orange mandarin tea with honey. Sadly, my father in law died of complications. Until just recently, I couldn't bring myself to hold a cup of orange mandarin in my hands. Now when I hold that warm cup in my hands and take in the orange aroma, I can think fond thoughts of my father in law.

Leslie: said...

Well, now I know where to go if I run out of tea - NOT! I'm actually having a big mug of it as I surf the blogs.
I adore your cup with the dragonflies on it! So So Beautiful.
I do have a favourite or two, but none that pretty.

Jan said...

I'm a tea drinker, too, and have never tried Earl Grey with jasmine. Off to the store I go.

Tess Kincaid said...

I stock up on things I love, too. There's something very comforting to know I won't run out any time soon.

Gorgeous cup, BTW!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cup! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a cupboard full of tea, but I've never seen Earl Grey with jasmine - will have to try that if I can find it :)

Sue McGettigan said...

I'm a major Earl Grey fan too - and yes, I have a whole cabinet devoted to tea. Not only addicted to tea, but to teacups too - your dragonfly cup is lovely!

abb said...

Blessings to you, Kate, just blessings!

Anna said...

What a beautiful cup - and great post!

My teas take up only half a cupboard. I'm enjoying a cup of cinnamon spice as I write this, but no elegant little cups for me. Too small! I've got a Tim Horton's coffee mug. LOL

Jo said...

Okay, that is the most beautiful teacup I have ever seen. I have a whole collection of China teacups, and sadly I never use them. My mother did, though. She never drank tea or coffee from a mug, only from a proper China cup.

I love tea with some honey in it. Hmmmm.... that gives me an idea. :-)

Chelsi said...

The pink counter make for pretty tea cup pictures! I love your cup too! My favorite is peppermint and chamomile steeped together (with a little honey).

Annie said...

Ah, it is so nice to hear you like the drink earl grey too. I like mostly any cuppa tea! And yes, it is good when it is cold weather!


Tiffany said...

Can definitely see why this is one of your favorite cups :o)

Anonymous said...

A good cuppa is the answer to everything!

I'm off for a cup of my Scottish Breakfast tea now.

CJ xx

Mary said...

I'm more of an herbal girl myself. (No, not THAT kind of herb! Shame on you.) Sipping some Cranberry Apple Zinger right now, while I should be getting something done around the house...

Love your teacup -- beautiful!

Emily said...

Okay... So tell me... Do you brew your own tea?
I still use teabags.. And I desperately want to know how to brew real, live tea!
I have a beautiful teapot and I loooove hot tea.
Can you advise? :o) Pretty please?

tj said...

...Hi Kate! Word on the street is there's more than jasmine blossoms in that thar' tea you drink...(hee,hee,hee,snort,giggle) :oD

...Okay, okay, you know I'm just kiddin' ;o) I love tea too. I drink it by the gallons iced in the summertime and when it turns chilly I almost have a hot cup of tea everyday in the afternoon...

...Beautiful cup too!

...Blessings dear girl... :o)

Odd Chick said...

I totally get your tea thing.. don't feel bad - there are a lot of us out there that collect tea and tea things. I also love dragonflies so I couldn't help but comment since it seemed we had a lot in common

Country Girl said...

Dear Emmy,
When I brew tea, I only make one cup at a time. If I'm using loose tea, I use my strainer and put the loose tea into that.
If you're having people for tea, you could make a pot using the loose tea. I googled how to and came up with several sites, one I've listed here:

Happy tea drinking to all! And thanks for the compliments on my favorite tea cup. It really is quite large. It's part of the reason I love it.

Hilary said...

I don't know about Earl Grey. I love Chia best.. but that tea cup is gorgeous. I loooove dragon flies.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

That cup is just exquisite! There is nothing like a good cup of just the right tea. (By "good cup" I mean a pretty, satisfying one, like that one!) I tend to bypass the pretty ones and use the biggest one, though, I have to admit! I think this is a very healthy addiction, hang on to your tea! You can always add more cabinets.

Ellen said...

So at your house it's not just tea for two, it's tea for two hundred!

What a great story. Sounds like your friend knew that you needed some laughs at the right time. Isn't it great that good friends know things like that.

Now, let me get back to my glass of iced tea - I drink it year round.

Woman in a Window said...

Sweet, sweet morbidly twisted sweet friends.

Such a pretty dragonfly teacup, pinkies up and all.

Egghead said...

Oh Kate that is so funny. It made me laugh tonight....I needed that after taking care of my father-in-law today who has Alzheimers.I can't post about some of the things I am going through right now because of privacy but Oh the stories I could tell. GAHHH!