Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life in the fast lane continues

These are just a few more pictures of our little trip down to Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge last week on a dreary day. And then, I promise you, I'll stop, ok?

As I write this, it's rainy and cold. And dark too, because it's nighttime. George is asleep at my feet after several rousing hours games of toy fetching. Reading your comments on yesterdays post made me happy and frankly, surprised. I want to welcome all the new faces here!

DSC_0136 copy2

After the Boardwalk Trail, we walked across the road and north a little bit to Boxes Point Trail, which is a nice hike through a little forest. Can you spot the bird in the photo above?

DSC_0134 copy2 DSC_0131 copy2

DSC_0154 copy2DSC_0156 copy 2

At the end of the trail is a nice little beach with a park bench to enjoy the view. I liked this cool piece of driftwood.

A lot of you asked what I do to my pictures and I'll tell you that I rarely use one that's Straight Out of Camera (SOOC). I'm a sucker for a good action and for the two lower photos above, I used Pioneer Woman's Soft & Faded. PW has two sets of actions that are absolutely free and available for download into your Photoshop program. All you have to do is visit her website and click on the Photography tab. Then do a search for free actions.

DSC_0144 copy2

I also used TRA's actions, and the one above is called Technicolor Dreamworld. It's available in Set 2 (The Revenge). Please note that this is not a picture of my husband's back.

When I open up my pictures in Photoshop and begin to play around, I'll look at it and try to recreate how it looked in my mind when I took it. I know that sounds weird, but it's how it works sometimes. I wanted the water to look blue because it actually looked blue that day as the sun was just beginning to break through the clouds. But the SOOC was not what I expected. And adding the burnt edge to the photo above made the water more blue.

For the one above and for many of these photos, I used a slight edge burn, also available as a free download. It's from MCP Actions and there's several more to try out on her website.

DSC_0157 copy2

These two trees are a silent testament to the ravages of time, aren't they? This was taken at Boxes Point looking north.

DSC_0165 copy2

I liked how these reeds looked against the sky and water. This photo also has a burnt edge to it as well as an action called Rusty Cage, which I purchased in a set from TRA (Totally Rad Actions).

DSC_0178 copy2

The sun made a valiant attempt that day but nothing ever really came of it. So we called it a day and headed north for home.

Hope all this talk of actions and burnt edges hasn't totally put you to sleep!

DSC_0182 copy3

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

Oh, and that's my new favorite hat that I bought in NYC last month. I love it!


cottage farm villa said...


You didn't put me to sleep, but all of that was way over my head at this point. If I ever get a fancy camera, I will remember to come back to this post for all your wonderful info.

I would never tire of your pictures, or trips of taking pictures.....and I did note that you DID NOT take a photo of hubby's back! lol

Having a giveaway this week if you want to stop by and take a peek. ~Cheryl

brneyedgal967 said...

I like that you describe which actions you use. Someday when I get a Mac version of Photoshop (sigh) and upgrade my camera I'll give them all a try!

Until then, enjoy all the new visitors to your blog - when you're famous, hopefully you won't forget about your first faithful fans. :-) Bwahahah.

shara said...

1) LOVE the hat. I noticed it before I read your print about it. Is it crocheted?

2) I really do enjoy your photos. I am a photog want-a-be. I don't even own a camera. I did buy one for my teen- does that count? The "Time Ravage" pic was my fav this time.
3) I love coming to your blog. Thanks!

Sue said...

I am soooooo not good at doing fancy things on the internet..I am a photographer but what you were talking about at the sites you use on your pictures could have been written in German and I would have understood it any case the pictures as usual are fabulous, especially the one with the two tree roots..

Anonymous said...

I love,love,love your pictures today and the fact that you were able to get out with your dear husband and make precious memories. It has been one week today since my husband passed on and I spend a lot of time looking at pictures and remembering the good times we had. You will never regret a moment you spend making memories. I will be ok, but for now I live in the past. I just pray your hubby beats this disease called cancer. It can be done,but just wasn't in the cards for us. Buddy was 76 years old and had kidney stones, diabetes, and just could not fight it all. Keep the wonderful pics coming, I enjoy them so much. Love, Doris

vicki archer said...

Thank you for your wonderful photographs and the tips on how you shopped them. Beautiful images from what looks like a beautiful part of the world, xv.

KathyB. said...

I do not tire of your photographs, and I am trying to understand some of what you are trying to teach about photography. I think I will be trying more of this later on in the future , but for now I am pleased I can actually download pictures into my computer files all by myself, and then upload them onto a blog. That's a BIG thing for next year!I will enjoy your venture into experimenting and succeeding with photography. And I did note that you posted a FRONT shot of your husband. He looks great form both sides!

Hilary said...

Great photos one and all, Kate but those trees are amazing. I've never seen anything like it and your captured it beautifully. Cute hat!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

A shopping I will buy the actions from TR that you described. Yes, please instruct us again on what you do with clouds. I took a fabulous shot last night of the cold winter sunset. I tried to get more definition in the clouds using PS, but it didn't work. I agree with beneyedgal957...don't forget us when you are famous :) In the meantime, your photo tips are much appreciated!

P.S. I have PS CS3 but still use PSE 7 a lot. Do you know if actions work in PSE 7? I love that I'm able to now shoot in RAW and easily pull them into PSE 7 for editing (unlike earlier versions). What would we do without PhotoShop??? I'm also loving the new Nikkor 85mm portrait lens Doughboy gave to me for Christmas. Forget diamonds and jewlery...I'd rather have camera equipment :)

P.S.S. Please do share how you strikeout words in Blogger.

OK, I think I'm finished now. Have a super great day! Oh, one more thing...LOVE the hat!

Deb said...

Now I get it...Photoshop helps you create the imagine as you remembered it in your mind. I get it. Do you see the lightbulb above my comment?
Great, great photos again...of course, it is what you do!

Stuffbymichele said...

I love the photos! I'm so glad I found your blog because you put a smile on my face every day. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Mary said...

Oooo, I love that first photo of the trees! All your photos are lovely; please don't apologize for posting them. I do have PW's free actions, but I tend to process my photos with my mac photo software...

Oh, and that driftwood is amazing!

Krystina said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I have just gotten my hands on Photoshop, havent even installed it yet. So I hope to be playing around more with some of my photography soon. I hope I'll be able to figure it all out!

abb said...

Love that hat - wish I could wear them, can't just makes me look silly.

As always, your photos and words are beautiful.

Daryl said...

Nice and now I have a new acronym SOOC .. which is pretty much ALL my pix ... unless you count adding my name as editing... which technically it is ...

Anyway I love your hat and your self photo ... and of course its nice to see the husband from the front ... he and George were having quite the discussion werent they


Mental P Mama said...

Okay. Those two trees in the water are fantastic. And so is the new hat;)

Egghead said...

Kate I love the first one but my favorite is the reed photo. Oh and the hat is so cute.

Shimmy Mom said...

Your photography could NEVER put me to sleep. They are all so gorgeous. Thanks again, for sharing. And thanks for stopping by yesterday and caring about my little guy. Our appointment is this after noon so I'll do an update as soon as we hear what the doc has to say. Until then, your lovely photographs were a wonderful distraction. Thanks again.

Emily said...

I love love love that first picture!!!

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Well, Kate, I am relieved to learn that your hubby has a front, lol! The pics are lovely, as well!

Anonymous said...

I love those two trees coming out of the water, it is so interesting looking! All the photos are beautiful!

RSusanna said...

Kate, you are amazing all the way around. I love your post and all of your pics. You definately add something bright to my day.

Country Girl said...

Hey, all. Sorry about all the technical stuff. And thanks for all the kind thoughts.

I really liked that pair of trees, too and you can really see how far out the land is eroding, can't you?

Oh! You love my hat? I think it's crocheted. I bought it from a vendor in NYC on a fricken freezing day in December. My head felt so much better after that purchase.

Doris, it's good to see you about. I still think of you and am heeding your advice. My husband, I'm sure, is grateful for it. The past is a wonderful place to visit, but please stay here with us. Here is where you live now. Please know that I care.

Welcome to some new faces. I don't remember seeing Vicki Archer here before but I oftentimes have the brain of a seive (as my mother used to say) so I'm not sure. And StuffbyMichelle . . . I know I have seen you around. So welcome!
Debra, I sent you a private e-mail so I wouldn't bore everyone else with PS talk, k?

To everyone else, if I can brighten up your day just by having you visit here, then my work is done. Actually, it's not done, but it's good to pretend that it is.

And once again, thanks for the encouragement. As Martha would say, "It's a Good Thing."

~ CG

Woman in a Window said...

I am with you 100% on the coaxing out of the picture what you felt at the time. Absolutely. And Pioneer woman's actions help me a lot, although I find it helpful to use the dropdown curves menu after to really bring things out.

And look at you in that hat. Adorable.

Donna Boucher said...

Excellent use of those actions!!!