Saturday, May 17, 2008

Does Red Bull really give you wings?

I don't know what everyone else does on a Saturday morning, but for me, it's always been housekeeping day. And when I get done, I'm glad. I love it when my job is complete and everything is gleaming, but boy howdy, is it ever hard to get going sometimes.
I got a good start on it this morning, with the aid of a Red Bull and Johnny Lang's "Lie To Me" CD. I followed Johnny up with a little Joss Stone, just for good measure. I usually don't drink Red Bull, but sometimes it's necessary.
It's in the afternoon as I write this, and not only do I have my cleaning done, but I've got the front gardens trimmed and mulched. All I have to do now is sweep and then I'm calling it a day. And just for good measure, I'm having another Red Bull as I write this. It's the sugar free version, and as far as wings go, I'd have to say yes; Red Bull really does give you wings.
Hey, it's not too late to guess in the Weekend Guessing Game (see post below). I'll be back at 6 PM to post the winner. I've got some chores to finish now.

PS: George says hello.


Anonymous said...

When you're done, care to come over and help me? It seems I can clean for days on end and never be finished! Maybe I need some of that red bull stuff!

tj said...

...Hey nothin' wrong with a lil' assistance when you need it! lol... I'm just about done mowing and I took a break and went and got me a coffee shake so I'm hopin' that'll give me the extra boost I need - my "to do" list is a mile long I tell ya... ;o)

...Enjoy your Saturday!

...Blessings... :o)