Monday, May 26, 2008

To all those who work on Memorial Day

You know who you are. And I'm thinking of you. We all have off, yet you do not. And I am sorry. I'm sorry that I'm out there with my camera catching glimpses of you. And I'm sorry that I'm bringing those images inside and fooling around with them in Photoshop. Ok. I'm not sorry for all that. But I am sorry that you have to work today. So please accept my apologies.

This is my youngest son on the riding mower. He's hard at work today. See this look he's giving me? I don't know what it means. I prefer to think it means "hey, mom. glad to see you. thanks for shoving the camera in my face. and i am so glad you have off today. you rock my world."
Here's George. I already know I rock his world. It goes without saying.

And here's something I just threw in there. It's my husband working in the garden. I just liked the view.

Happy holiday, everyone.


Hilary said...

I can only see a sliver of that last shot.. though the full image showed up on my reader. I love the sepia mood to these photos.. it seems so right.

Jo said...

You son looks soooo happy to be working on a holiday. Does your hubby know his toosh is plaster all over the internet? *heh*

George is the world's great dawg, isn't he?

I hope you're having a great weekend!

dlyn said...

My husband forbade me to post the "garden shot" I took of him this morning - it looked oddly like yours. And unlike your husband - mine reads my blog! ;)

Country Girl said...

I really did contemplate removing my husband's picture, but decided not to. And Hilary, when I open up the blog in Firefox, I get the sliver, too. Opening it in Explorer, I get the whole picture. Don't know what's up with that.

And Josie, I missed it with the camera. But the second after I took my son looking at me like that, he smiled. I had my zoom lens, so I wasn't 'right up in his face' like I said I was. Too bad I missed the shot.

Anonymous said...

hm, I'm sure your son was asking "please, mom, can you take some more pics? Pretty please?" They love it when we shove our cameras in their face. Honest ; )

Anonymous said...

okay, second comment. I saw that someone got the whole pic of your dh in their off I go to my reader! hey!!! Nice view. I'd love a view like that in my yard *g

Egghead said...

It doesn't show up in safari either. I love the looks on your sons face though.