Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Evening quietude

It was a beautiful day here in Maryland and after dinner and a short walk with George, I took the camera in the backyard and laid down in the grass. I like lying down in the grass.
It smelled heavenly too, and was freshly mowed and lush and green. I apologize to those who have allergies, I honestly do.
The sun felt warm and the evening was so pleasant. I could hear the sounds of birds calling to each other and I heard a woodpecker in the tree nearby. Our cat, Blackie was outside, stalking birds, as usual. George was outside as well, and I could see him underneath the walnut tree. He'd found a stick and it was keeping him busy. Then I saw a mourning dove land by the tree near me. So I took a picture.
And then I saw Blackie had also noticed the bird. She jumped up on the fence to get a better look. And then she crept closer. I don't like it when my cats get birds, even though I know it's what cats do. I just don't like it when they do it when we're around. I'll always root for the bird when it comes to cat vs. bird. Anyway, I will not digress. The cat, she is getting closer. And before I know it, she jumps off the fence, and makes a beeline for the bird!

"George!" I say. "Get the kitty." And, like the obedient dog he is, he takes off in a flash for the kitty.
He's scared her off and here he is with the stick still in his mouth. The mourning dove is safe. Yeah, you can thank George, little guy. What a good boy he is. Yeah, you are my good boy, George. God, I love this dog.


Klaic. said...

I loved your blog and I'll link you.
I'm a country girl too, but a Brasilian country girl. My house is in a little city in São Paulo.

The dog is yours? He's so beautiful (Black and white! I luv *-* I have a cat that's black and white).

Bye, American Country Girl and have a good time with your lovely blog and with your awesome dog.

Country Girl said...

Hey, welcome Brasilian country girl with the American name! Glad you stopped by. Thanks for the compliments on this dog of mine!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love that photo of George. What an alert face he has.

And I'm glad he save the bird. I love mourning doves.

abb said...

Good dog, George.
Want to come play with my doggy, Stella? Maybe you can herd her into good behavior....I think you have a LOT of work to do! (sigh)

My bro has a dog just like George whose name is Janis Joplin. Never a finer dog have I met. They really are unique.

Pony Girl said...

What a great story and great pictures to go with it. I love the look of your dog. That white/black face...and those eyes. And so obviously smart!!

Anonymous said...

You saved a birdie today, very cool! George is so cute.

Hilary said...

That's one beautiful dog.. and a good-looking kittie.. and don't mourning doves look so lovely in the sun? Great shots.. thanks for sharing.

Mental P Mama said...

Great story. I love that dog. Love.

Mary said...

Awww, gotta love George!

Treasia Stepp said...

My love for George grows more every day. I'm not to fond of my cats catching birds either.

Shimmy Mom said...

Good George!!! I always cheer for the birds too. Especially when they are up against a pet cat that gets plenty to eat without the bird.

tj said...

...I'm beginnin' to think George could start up his own blog he has so many admirers! lol... :o)

...We have a cat just like your 'Blackie' 'cept her name is 'Poot'... Good boy George for interceptin' the kill!

...Great photos as always! And thank you for the kind comment on Mother's Day - I hope yours was a happy and special day!

...Blessings... :o)

Anonymous said...

blogger hates me today. Says I'm a duplicate. I am not! I'm an original!!

Good old George. Always off saving the world!

sheila from life @ #17 said...

I think I love George too, LOL!

my first visit to your blog and I'll be back around :)

Country Girl said...

Welcome, Sheila. So glad you stopped by for a visit. Nice to see all the new faces. Er, I mean comments. You know what I mean.

Egghead said...

I love to lay in the grass and especially love to listen to all the birds. However, when I lay in the grass I look to each side and up and down and all I see is turkey poop. Them darned turkeys! Little did you know what a bad boy George would be tomorrow for your husband.