Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Border Patrol

Everyone has a job to do and our Border Collie, George, has the job of cat patrol. He created this position for himself and enjoys keeping an eye on the feline situation in the yard. Here he is guarding our house at the fence. (Not really).

We get a few cats that come around, but only one actually lives here. And that's Blackie here. The others are a couple of farm cats that we see regularly. When he's not napping or chasing an empty plastic water jug around the backyard (hours of fun), or catching frisbees, or going for walks, George is on kitty patrol. If there's a cat around, he wants to know about it.

I think Miss Blackie secretly enjoys being chased around the yard by the Absorbent Puppy.

She outsmarts and outplays him every time. She's proud of this. Just so you know, I go to great lengths to get these photos to line up properly with the type, and I've yet to figure out a rhyme or reason how it's done. If there's anyone out there who knows how to arrange posts in this particular template (I forget what it's called) for a blogspot, please let me in on the secret. I've been about half an hour here going back and forth and trying to get it right. Ah, but I don't mean to complain. I'm just stating facts.

"And I'm just doin' my job."


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely gorgeous! That last photo is perfect! I remember my Border loving to protect us from the "evil cats". He did a good job, too! He'd herd them like a bunch of sheep. Unfortunately for him, cats are not as cooperative as sheep! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures. Love the addition of the Stat Counter. Now you can see just how popular you really are !!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

font too small on this one. josie can't read it!

Country Girl said...

I fixed it. This layout process is the devil. Now Josie the wonderdog can read it. Hey, when did you teach that puppy to read?


BTW, I like your blog name! No more anonymous, A!