Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spreading the cheer

I'm interrupting this frigid winter weather to spread a little cheer in the form of a pink geranium I'm overwintering. Just working on these pictures in Photoshop this evening made me feel warmer.
I can't write long because I've spent all my time this evening doing that darn meme-tagging thing (see post above). I mean, it took less than five minutes to write, but gosh darnit, I still have dial-up. And it just makes going back and forth from site to site real s l o w. But I will ask readers, if they have a little extra time, to visit the sites that I tagged above. They've been here before, leaving comments on my posts and I chose six from my most recent. You'll see the Pioneer Woman there too, and I did meme-tag her, but I told her not to come to my site. I know she just doesn't have the time.
I'm psyched because my site has finally been listed on BlogHer and also because Lost is on tonight. Yeah, I'm a Lost junkie. I'm not afraid to admit it, either.
When visiting the other sites tonight, it was a nice surprise to see that some of them have listed my blog as one of their visited sites, and one of them even spoke about me in a post, which I read out loud to my husband. He said it was the first thing I had said in an hour. In fact, he was writing things down that I had said within that hour. One-liners, like "oh, I forgot to feed the kitty!" and calling out a single word answer "Great Tetons!" in Jeopardy. Apparently, when I get on Photoshop, I really zone out.
I think my husband is jealous of Photoshop. And this blog.


Anonymous said...

isn't that right you can just get lost in fixing up your photos? I little adjustment here, a tad of an adjustment there. No, that doesn't look right, let's try this!

Are you a self taught photoshopper?

(look for my meme response on Friday)

Anonymous said...

We won't talk about late it is right now because I was learning how to texturize my photos in PSE. LOL

What do you think of my 1st attempt?

It's 2:33am... no wonder I'm tired in the morning! :p