Saturday, January 12, 2008

Broodmares in the mist

Yesterday a front came in, drenching the area in rain. By mid-afternoon, the skies were clear and bright and I drove home from work thinking that I may have just enough time to get some nice photos. Upon starting our walk, however, the dog and I were greeted with a mist that was hanging in the paddocks. We didn't stay out too long but were able to come home with a couple of shots that manage to somewhat depict what the evening mist held.
This is our view when we began our walk. At this point, the mist was just seeping into the paddocks. By the time we got to the top field (above), there was so much mist and hardly any available light that it was difficult to get a shot with the camera.
I just think it's really beautiful.


tj said...

...Just beautiful! My fav' one is the last photo...

...Thank you for sharing!

...Blessings... :o)

Country Girl said...

I like the last one, too. Thanks for visiting again. I remember you!