Sunday, January 6, 2008

He's never followed the rules.

I know for some people, it's difficult to obey a sign that says, in big letters, STAY BEHIND FENCE. It's especially difficult when others have hacked away at said fence, affording an easy opening to a ledge that hangs precipitiously over a cliff facing the Atlantic Ocean.
Don't worry. No one was hurt. But there's a reason for this sign! This was shot yesterday during our visit to Cape Henlopen State Park. When we got home, and pulled into the driveway, I noticed something hanging from our front door. I think the conversation went something like this:
ME: What's that hanging on our front door?
HIM: Oh, I took the Christmas wreath down for you. What, you just noticed?
ME: No, I noticed yesterday when you took it down. But. What. Is. That?
HIM: Oh, it's a frisbee.
ME: A what???
HIM: It's one of the new frisbees we just bought for the dog last week.
ME: Oh-kay. May I ask why you have a frisbee as a decoration on our front door?
HIM: I just thought it looked like it belonged there. And, it's round.
ME: Honey, nobody hangs a frisbee on their front door.
HIM: Well, I guess that just makes me UNIQUE, then, doesn't it?
Mental note to self: Do not ask husband for any decorating advice. Ever.

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