Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Guessing Game Winner Announced Early

We have a winner of the Weekend Guessing Game. The answer is AN ACORN LID and the first person to guess correctly was RENEE of PHILADELPHIA, PA who beat out MARY by a mere 10 minutes. Sorry, Mary! But thanks so much for playing.
Now, Renee was stealthy. She didn't actually mention the word acorn on her comment. Her guess was that the answer was 'A's nickname. And I happened to know who 'A' actually is. Her nickname is acorn and that's why she collects them. So Renee, congratulations to you! You will soon be enjoying the same fame that your sister, Adrienne, is enjoying from being mentioned on this site. (Not really).
Thanks to everyone for playing. Also, thanks to most of you for being patient and waiting for the answer. I think that in the future, if I continue this weekend game, I'll give it a 24-hour turnaround rather than a 48-hour. This way we won't have anyone chomping at the bit to get the answer! ~ Country Girl


Minna Dyer said...

Sorry I missed it. I did intend to guess (thanks for the heads up )but I thought too hard about it and wanted to guess the RIGHT answer- not neccessary. I suppose that's why it's called a GUESSING game!

Ashley said...

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