Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Holidays have passed.

But the poinsettia plant lives on and on.
And I refuse to allow my holiday heart
to form a long-term relationship with this plant.
It's lookin' pretty good still, but it's no good to me anymore.
So let's keep it a secret between you and me
about its impending demise.
The compost pit awaits.

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Anonymous said...

I have recycled my poinsettia's since last year. Surprisingly enough I haven't killed them yet. Towards this Christmas when we got some "cold snaps" in the 40's I noticed some red coming out on the tops of them. Now they are really red and have grown about a foot since then. I just put my others from this year in the ground right in front of the older ones. Hopefully they will do as good as the others. I surely don't give them a lot of care.