Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunny Backyard in January

The temperature is a balmy 45 but if you're out of the wind in a protected area, it's really quite pleasant. I spent part of Sunday afternoon sitting outside in my backyard, knitting occasionally, and taking pictures. The sun was so warm that it tempted me to take my jacket off, but I'm glad that I didn't. It was just perfect. The sunlight was glinting off the little birds in the viewfinder of my camera and I'm thinking that now I may need a stronger zoom lens so that I can stay far back and get excellent close-up pictures.
Pictured here are a male and a female American Goldfinch. The male is the top photo.
In my youth, I would have considered this pasttime totally unacceptable, preferring instead something more exciting like a hike along the precipice of a cliff just to see a waterfall and other similar daring escapades. Then we had children and became a lot less adventurous, but we were always doing something outside. We've backpacked with our sons at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. We've camped at the beach at Assateague, MD and Ocracoke, NC so we were pretty hardy souls (all those mosquitoes!) I love camping outside, setting up a shelter for a week's time and taking day trips to places and walks.
We've lived in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for most of our lives. And within driving distance, there are so many national and state parks that offer exceptional outdoor experiences (OMG I sound like a travel brochure!!!)
Anyway, what I'm saying is that the kind of afternoon I spent this past Sunday is the kind of afternoon that, in my youth, I would have considered an old person's pasttime. But I'm not that old. I've just reached a point in my life, I guess, where quiet, predictable afternoons spent in a bucolic setting are just what the doctor ordered after a full work-week.
So take your shoes off and kick back. And daily, I'll post pictures of the blessedly quiet life I lead. But be warned, I may just try to switch things up every now and then. And I know you'll be coming back just for the sheer rush of it.
Yeah, that's it.


brneyedgal967 said...

Oh, I wish I were feeling well enough to have sat outside and enjoyed my backyard! I also think that some of the best times we've spent together as a family involved "day trips" to areas, parks or museums in our state.

Partly because there's less expectation than when you drive or fly hundreds of miles to go to an attraction. Mostly because it's just casual family time, killing time, seeing some cool stuff and being together. So I'm with you all the way!!

Can't find your Q&A... will keep checking back in case it hasn't posted yet. Also, you must be running on European time -- Monday morning at 7:10am post... aren't you in Maryland? *scratching head*

My best to you,

Anonymous said...

Yea... I remember being younger and thinking sitting at home is for old people, too. And now that's what I love to do. Give me warm weather and a good books and I am a happy camper!

dlyn said...

Iwent out and took pics yesterday myself, but they were much "whiter" than yours. Everything is white in fact. Found your blog from a comment you made on PW's site - love your photography and I will be back to check you out some more!

Minna Dyer said...

I tried to leave a comment on "getting to know me..." which shows up on my Google Reader but not on your actual blog???
Anyway, I think I might answer some of those questions myself. Fun!

Jeannelle said...

Loved this post.....the bird photos and your writing.....very good!

....."the blessedly quiet life" you mentioned.....I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Country Girl said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I'm psyched because I've been listed on BlogHer. It's a big deal to me!


Anonymous said...

Hey, my finches haven't turned from their winter brown color yet, I'm jealous. And sitting outside with my camera beside me and knitting in my hands sounds like a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon!

(I'm so adding your blog to my feedreader)