Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The poetry of tulips and another meme

If you've never been thrilled
to the very edges of your soul
by a flower in spring bloom,
maybe your soul has never been in bloom.
~ Audra Foveo

I've been tagged in a meme again and this time it was Tombstone Annie that got me. It's probably because I'm so darn popular. (Not really). Anyway, despite my hesitation at posting yet another meme, I'm going to comply because I'm just nice like that. Besides, I enjoy reading those of others and I think people find them interesting. The deal is that I'm to list six random things about myself and then tag others at the end. I'll do the first part of the deal, but I'm nixing the second. So let's begin.

1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you're going to brush your teeth, keep it to yourself. I can't stand to see people brush their teeth either in real life or TV. It's weird. I'm aware of the fact that I'm weird. Do I care? Nope.

2. I have been known to grow science experiments in my fridge. Not all the time, just every now and then. My husband doesn't find this amusing. It's not that it's something I do intentionally. Sometimes I just forget it's in there. And then it's interesting to see what's growing.

3. I am uncomfortable in the kitchen, unless I'm cleaning in there. I need to get over this irrational fear. It's not that I can't cook. I just really don't want to.

4. I love sitting by a campfire, and can build my own fire, thank you.

5. I love how my husband smells. Did I just say that out loud? I don't even care.

6. I enjoy a good book, a good glass of wine, a good time. But not necessarily in that order.

And this is the part where I don't tag anyone. Hope everyone has a good day. Today was beautiful here in Maryland, if you're a duck or if you absolutely love a good downpour. I am not complaining. The grass is so lush and green that it's making me giddy. So how are things in your neck of the woods?


Shimmy Mom said...

I grow science experiments too!! And I LOVE a good book. The picture is lovely. Thanks again.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

We build campfires in our back yard all summer long! I love them too.

Jeannelle said...

Sorry to hear you have rain. Hopefully, it won't last long. We seem to have winter again here! Cold and windy today.....my son just got home from a frigid track meet.

I hope your knee is continuing to feel better!

Russell said...

I enjoyed your Comment #6 the best!

Out here in Iowa we have had right at 6 inches of rain so far this month. That is twice the normal amount. This morning it is about 32 degrees.... Actually spring is here and flowers are beginning to bloom but the last few days have been really cool and wet.

I did a post this morning about sweet corn. The last time I was in Maryland I remember eating some really good corn that was grown there.

I remember two things about Maryland -- Ocean City and the sweet corn. Funny what you remember sometimes... I also remember it was very sunny, warm and friendly.

Oh, my favorite book is Chesapeake by James Michenor... I have never had crab cakes but I remember that is supposed to be a pretty special food.

Take care.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I always enjoy reading these random things memes because I get to know a person. That said, DON'T TAG ME! I have done it, done it, done it. They're like a mutant virus!
After all, having been tagged several times, I've disclosed quite a lot!

(Doesn't everyone have refrigerator science fair experiments?)

Robin at Bumblebee

Anonymous said...

Love the quote and ... your #5 is perfection itself.


abb said...

Thanks for playing along! The answers are always so interesting.

Mental P Mama said...

#6 could earn you an entry into Cocktail Corner...

Country Girl said...

Welcome to Firefly. Love that name. And I still can't believe I said #5 out loud.

Mental, that corner sure is looking better all the time.

Robin, rest assured that I will never tag you for a meme. Next time I'm tagging Shimmy.

Thanks, all!

~ C.G.

dlyn said...

I am with you on the toothbrushing - it is just gross. I am not fond of being kissed right someone has brushed their teeth either.

And I love how my husband smells - even when he is sweaty, he smells good to me.

If you want to come and clean my kitchen, I will be happy to cook for you :)

Country Girl said...

I love cleaning kitchens. Also love having people cook for me! Thanks, Dlyn. I'm on my way.

~ C.G.

Mary said...

That tulip pic took my breath away -- just gorgeous! I loved #2 -- I'm just having a great time imagining what kind of science experiments...