Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fame awaits guessing game winner

Miriam Lovell Dyer's husband, DAN, is our winner for Weekend Guessing Game #11 with his correct guess of A GRAPEFRUIT. Congratulations, Dan!
We actually had several other people guess correctly and I really thought Girl had it when she said it the first time. But then she changed her guess at the last minute, leaving Dan open to swoop in and claim first prize. And we all know that first prize in this game is the fame that winning this contest can only bring. So have a pen handy, Dan, for all those folks up there in the Big City who will want your autograph because they've seen your picture on this blog! Dan and his wife, photographer Miriam Lovell Dyer, live with their two girls in NYC.
Other correct guesses of grapefruit, besides Girl were Kelly in VA and my sister Char. The first guess was funny, of my swollen knee~! Sponges and Sponge Bob were popular, and Tracey's guess of foam from a latte or a beer made me thirsty. So this afternoon, I drove to my favorite licorice store. Someday, I'll have to post about why I call it that. But I don't want to digress too much today.
Thanks to all who participated in the game this week and have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I think I'm going to go have a half a grapefruit now. Or maybe a piece of lemon meringue pie, which was Josie's guess. Thankfully, we only have grapefruit in the house!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment on my blogsite! I have enjoyed looking at yours. Your pictures are WONDERFUL!
My dad always called my Katydid or Katy but my name is Kelly.
Well I am going to check out the Little Red House now. Drop by again when you get the chance!