Friday, April 11, 2008

Home at last

Readers of this blog may remember the Valentine's Day love story I posted about my teacher friend, ALISA and her family. If you haven't read it, please do. It will warm your heart.
Well, I'm happy to report that STEVEN has finally returned from Iraq and is now home with his family, who are all smiles in this picture I took of them in front of our school this afternoon.

Alisa is the happiest I've seen her. Ever. And she's a pretty up person to begin with. But today, it made my heart sing to see this family reunited and Alisa, please forgive me, but you said the sweetest thing today. And I hope you don't mind me repeating it here.

Today you told me that the very best moment, aside from seeing him again, was when everyone had fallen asleep last night and you were still lying there awake. And you were so happy because everyone was where they were supposed to be. For the first time in such a long time. And the sound of your house was a safe quiet sound. Like snow when it's falling.
I thank God for bringing Steven home safe and sound to you and Courtney and Chris and Grace. And thank you Steven, for everything you and your entire family have sacrificed for our country. Amen.


Country Girl said...

The best thing that happened today was seeing you this happy, girl. And little do readers of this blog know but YOU are the REAL country girl around here. I am so glad for you. And so proud of Steven.

Anonymous said...

AMEN !!!!

Russell said...

What a great post! I am so happy for your friend and her family - words can never properly set out such feelings nor can words properly thank her husband for his service to the rest of us.

So often things in life don't go right or are difficult or confusing ... so it is certainly nice to read such a happy ending story.

It is so, so nice. I hope you and your friend take some time to savor the moment. I really liked your post the other day about taking the long way home - way to go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kate...You are such a wonderful person and I'm honored and blessed to call you my friend.

No words could express how I felt when I saw Steven yesterday...I've never felt such joy and relief.

Finally, after seven long months, when everyone was in bed, alseep, peace fell over our family like snow on the ground...everyone was safe and together.

Courtney said it best when she wrote in her letter; "That we all(as a family) sacrificed when Daddy went to war." I'm very proud of my children for how they handled themselves. As for my husband, he truly is my soulmate and I'm very proud of him. I'm so very grateful that God brought him back to us.

I can't thank everyone enough for all of their support and prayers, we couldn't have made it without them! Let's continue to pray for the ones still over there and the loved ones left behind.

dlyn said...

Ah - beautiful! I know that feeling well - the bliss of all of us under one roof. It doesn't happen that often now that our kids are grown but I love it when it comes around. Alisa & Steven -Thanks for the sacrifices your family has made - God's every blessing on your lives together!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

How wonderful! My nephew is serving for his 3rd tour of Iraq. I'm worried constantly!

I'm glad her hubby is home safely!
:-) Have a wonderful weekend!

Jeannelle said...

Wow.....this was like a report from the very front lines. A peek at what its like for a family to have a loved one absent and then the blessed return. Thanks for the glimpse.

Mental P Mama said...

Thank you, Steven, and thank you to your family, too. Wonderful way to end the week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steven for your dedication to our country and for the sacrifice your family made while you were gone.

Mary said...

What a wonderful and inspiring story! For too many of us the war doesn't always seem real. Thank you for bringing it home for us, and please thank Steven and his family for their service and sacrifice.

Jo said...

Gosh, that's all I can say, gosh. What a lovely family they are, and how fabulous that your friend's husband has made it home safe and sound. For us in Canada, the war seems so far away, until we see real faces put to it.

Anonymous said...

What a nice photo you took of them. I'm sure Alisa will treasure it forever.

I found my way to your site from PW's....Just love her!]

Donna Boucher said...

What a touching post and a lovely picture of this beautiful family!!