Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vantage point

I have a favorite spot in the yard to sit and it’s actually something my husband created. Here, on the patio off the breakfast nook, is a lovely little space where he put our umbrella and set up a couple of chairs. I came home from work one day in May to see the big umbrella as I was coming up the drive.

It made me smile, because it looked like a party.

And I love parties.

DSC_0082 copy 2

When we moved here, my husband cleared the crabgrass that had covered the patio. He also severely trimmed the hedges you see here. I was afraid they’d never look good again.

Then last month, he took the old bird feeder off an existing post that you can see the umbrella is attached to. It had been drilled really well into the ground at the center of the bushes around the edge of the patio.

He then attached the umbrella with little plastic ties that are really strong.

The chairs were left here by my youngest son.

DSC_0034 copy 2

I know the plastic ties look a little bit hillbilly but I don’t really care. This is my vantage point from my favorite seat when I look towards the dogwood tree on the left. I can sit out here after work and immediately feel better just looking at all the green. The grass was cut today and the heady scent of it floods my senses. I’m immediately taken back to a day in my childhood. My father is mowing the grass. My mother is sitting on the front stoop shelling lima beans. And I’m sitting there too, in my pedal pushers.

Oddly, none of my siblings are in the picture. Although I loved them fiercely, they’re not in this memory.

DSC_0035 copy 2

What I see when I turn around. That’s the breakfast nook wall to the left. And I’ve just freshened the water in the birdbath. Nothing but the best here.

DSC_0038 copy 2

I’m having a glass of blueberry iced tea as I sit here in my comfortable seat listening to and watching the birds flitting about..

DSC_0040 copy 2On the fence we have a birdhouse which was claimed about 6 weeks ago by a family of chickadees.  They were defending their real estate this afternoon when a brown creeper showed up and tried to start some trouble.

DSC_0043 copy 2

George even noticed the commotion. He ran over to the fence and scattered the combatants. Then he came and laid down by my side.

Those birds are fast, I tell you. They were flitting and twittering all over the yard. Here’s where they all were when I snapped this photo:

DSC_0044 copy 2

There were more but I didn’t want to crowd the scene. The elusive blue bird showed up as well, and the brown creeper and one of the chickadees were all over the place, chasing each other.

DSC_0050 copy 2

Eventually, the chickadee won out and the brown creeper stayed away.

This is just a closer view of the plastic ties. I think it’s rather ingenious of him, frankly.

DSC_0061 copy 2

And this is just a view out the bottom half of my front screen door. I’m just throwing it in here because I like it. And I can do what I want.

My husband is always saying that I’m doing whatever I want.

As it should be, is what I say.


Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

PS ~ I’m getting a little hankering for a summer giveaway. I can feel the urge coming.


Unknown said...

I just love your vantage point and I would come sit with you anytime! The plastic ties are quite ingenius, I might add. Less fighting with the umbrella and more relaxing.

That is always a good thing. Ya know, if they continue to bother you, you could always paint them...but, you can do what you want...and I love that about you.

Char said...

what a lovely scene - I would love to sit and watch chickadees. they remind me of my mom and dad as my dad called mom, his "chickadee".

I love the ties - they're a solution to a problem.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Plastic ties look very neat duct tape...... My husband would have gotten out the hole auger and with much fanfare and noise dug a very deep hole. Then he would have anchored either a galvanized pipe or some PVC into said hole with an over abundance of quik crete that would have resulted in a mound of the hardened stuff about 3 feet in diameter. Then he would have proudly shoved the umbrella into whatever piece of pipe used, only to discover that he had used a pipe too big causing the umbrella to sway to and fro in the wind. Be thankful for the plastic ties, my dear.

Betty said...

Your vantage point looks very relaxing and the view is wonderful.Just looking at you pictures I feel calm.

A Scattering said...

Beautiful vignettes. Love the bird location diagram - birdy GPS.

Sharon said...

Oh I would love a view! But we live in suburbia on a small lot. Oh well, less to maintain right? ;)

I love the zips ties. Tell your husband to look for some black ones next year. ;) Or you could wrap the whole thing with some pretty ribbon.

Annie said...

Keep loving your blog as ever of my all time favorites, even if I don't get to comment much. Have been busy getting myself home from NYC and cleaning up a green pool here!

Love this post...summertime is here! How lovely for you to have somewhere splendid to sit out on the patio. Love it. Your husband does great handy things around the place. How lovely!

Reddirt Woman said...

Isn't it nice to stop a bit, sit and watch and listen to the chatter...

And I'm glad you put the picture in of what you see out the bottom of your front screen door.

The husband did good.


Leenie said...

I love your quiet place. Your hubby did a fine job of putting things right. Zip ties RULE. Thanks for another photo of sweet George.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking giveaway too. At my place.. stay tuned.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Ellen said...

Pedal pushers - now there's a flashback to a piece of clothing I hated. Of course I now wear capri pants!

Your sitting area is lovely - quaint and pastoral.

Hilary said...

This is such a peaceful and relaxing post. I love your umbrella setting outside and my eye is so drawn to the stone wall of your breakfast nook.. it's beautiful! And the birds.. they're such a joy to watch, aren't they? And George of course.. always that dreamy doggie face. Please pass the blueberry ice tea!

abb said...

Lovely place to rest your mind. Love the sled resting against the fence. And am so glad George got those pesky birds under control!

I first read you had a hankering for a summer GETaway....which will be happening soon enough...YIPPEE!

cottage farm villa said...

Kate, what a lovely place to sit...the grounds are soooo pretty, I would love to sit with you some day. Enjoy your summer!!!! :) hugs!

noble pig said...

Quite an eclectic group of birds. I swear if I put out a feeder I would only get crows.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Well said Country Girl!!
Loved the tour of your garden; loved the look of that iced tea; loved the birds (how did you do that naming thing on the photograph? looks a lot of grass to cut - do you have a ride-on mower?

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Yes, do whatever you want! Love the pix. Looked so relaxing and inviting., The green is marvelous. C

Country Girl said...

Weaver of Grass, I used Photoshop to do the words on the photo. The owners of the house have a contracted lawn service that comes once every two weeks, so the grass gets pretty high if it's been raining! The service takes about two hours with 3 people on wide-cut riding mowers and two people with wead-eaters.

Thanks, everyone. And Char, that's really sweet!

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

I'd so love to come sit in that second chair, share a bottle of wine, and talk photography with you!

High Desert Diva said...

Love the vantage point your hubby created.

Those zip ties....a man's best friend. I swear my husband buys them in bulk!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful spot! Loved seeing all your little tweeties, too. :)

Oh, and my husband would have used duct tape. It is his answer to every problem.

GailO said...

What a beautiful, calming, restful place...the plastic ties do not detract from it:)

Daryl said...

I love this ... when we lived on the 6th floor, I used to come home, grab some iced tea and the Husband and maybe the cat (we only had one cat back then) and go up to sit in the garden that was on the roof .. it was a lovely way to let go of the day ... of course if the cat was with us it wasnt as relaxing ... but then I guess I can tell it all in a post of my own vs clogging up your comments ...

And I second that, you can do what you want .. it is indeed 'as it should be'

Deb said...

and you should do whatever you want...that's the way the universe evolves! the tie wraps do not bother me...nor would duck tape if he happened to use that! ;)
I am starting to want a dog..partly because of George and partly because of MPM and her puppy affliction.
and just to confirm that great minds think alike...I have been contemplating a summer give a way as well~!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Congratulate your husband, on a job well done!!!

And of course, it's as it should be.... That we're doing what we want. :-)))

'Aunt Amelia'
'Dear you,' blog...
'Aunt Amelia's Attic' blog...

Leif: A Voyage said...

Darn, you've done it again.

Made life a little better for everybody.

...who is smart enough to read your posts, that is!

ps, per yesterday, Lake Ponchartrain: driving there nearly midnight on a college road trip, SO TIRED I had one foot out the window and was pinching myself...

Thanks for all the posts. Just fabulous!

Woman in a Window said...

As it should be.

Cracked up over your detailed bird squabble!

Very comforting spot. Aren't you glad you're not up north? You'd never be able to enjoy it because of the derned mosquitoes!

Donalyn said...

Definitely as it should be!

And I agree the umbrella is a stroke of genius as well as setting a lovely scene.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Very entertaining post. And those zip ties are worth their weight in gold! They do their job, freeing you to enjoy looking at all the beauty around you.

Unknown said...

That looks like the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a nice glass of tea!