Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting down with the Throwdown

I just finished watching the Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay vs. the Pioneer Woman and all I can say is wow.

It totally got me into the mood for preparing my best dishes for Thanksgiving this year and I so enjoyed seeing the Drummond ranch and the people on it. Back in 2006, I had heard of these things called blogs but I’d never visited one. I wouldn’t even know how to find one in the first place. While watching our local television news station one morning, I saw a nifty toolbar called Stumble Upon. So I installed one on my computer and entered areas of interest that interested me. I remember entering photography, family, cooking, animals and nature. And when I got bored in the evenings after a long day at work, I’d visit Stumble Upon sites. None really piqued my interest until I came across the first blog I’d ever seen: The Pioneer Woman.

Back in 2006, Ree Drummond had a small following and I began reading her blog and her amusing takes on life in general. I never even commented because I didn’t know how. But her photography inspired me and after reading her for about a year or so, I thought that maybe I could start my own blog.



I’ve met so many wonderful people blogging, both in real life and in the comment section here and on the sites of others. A lot has happened in the past four years!

It was so much fun watching the Throwdown tonight, and I thought Ree was a natural in front of the camera. I know she professes otherwise, but she hid her nervousness well. And I thought it helped having your family and several dozen of your best friends around while the filming was going on.

We’re heading to family in NJ for Thanksgiving and planning what dishes to take and my apple/pumpkin pie (pictured above) is definitely going with me.

Do you have a signature dish you’ll be making for Thanksgiving this year? If so, please do tell. I’d love to hear it!

Smiling in Maryland,


Anonymous said...

I watched it too... Cute show. I thought Bobby's food looked better though. Ree doesn't seem too big on cooking green veggies. The cream sauce on her pecan pie looked yummy though.


Eileen said...

I watched it too! The pumpkin bread pudding and the mashed potatoes were my two favorites.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

loved throwdown...
i could not believe no one made mac and cheese... :) i want that brussells recipe :)

Dawn said...

Wish I could have seen that!
Thanks for the review:)

That pie of yours isn't just a pie- it's a work of ART!!! Are you sure it's real?

MaggieGem said...

Looks like it's on again at midnight and Saturday and 7 PM... I'm going go catch it!

Caroline said...

I wish I saw that!! I love Ree! My signature dish is sweet potatoes and apples baked in the oven with lots of brown sugar and butter.

I agree about blogging...I have met some of the greatest people. And I love coming here and getting inspired. xoxo

Mary said...

I just caught the last ten minutes or so! I hope maybe they will rerun it because I'd like to see the whole thing.

Our signature dish is my husband's cornbread and sausage stuffing. I'm looking forward to having both the kids home at the same time!

JacksDad said...

Apple pumpkin pie?? Is that like pumpkin pie with apples? I'll have to Google that one!

deborah said...

Aw, I forgot to watch, and I really wanted to see Ree cook!
Your pie is gorgeous, much too pretty to eat!
I usually make potato rolls, but since my oven quit today, that might be on hold.

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

I can't even remember how I came across the Pioneer woman's site, but I've been hooked for two years. I've been blogging since before blogging was cool, when I was 18 in college and professed every daily struggle with classes and boys on the internet. EEeek! My how blogging has evolved (and my own blogging evolved) since then.

My signature Thanksgiving dish are baked apples. So simple and easy to make. My mom taught me how to make them when I very little and I still make them to this day!

Hilary said...

Nice looking boys......lovely MOM.
To die for pie, but apples and pumpkin??? Wow, that is a new one on me.
I take pies......chocolate cream, pumpkin, and whatever else rows my boat.
DH make his signature stuffing.
And we all eat too much.

Marilyn said...

I taped it and watched it when I got up this morning. I enjoyed it very much and I'm glad PW won!!!! nothing against Bobby, I'm just glad she did!! who doesn't make mashed potatoes with Turkey??!! It was so nice to see all these people, that one sees in the photos....i.e. the kids and CHARLIE.... "moving about" for a change. PW was the first blog I started reading when I discovered blogs...and is how I found yours Kate!!!! linked from a photo I think and have never turned back....GEORGE was the anchor!!!!! and your fabulous photos too, of course!!
My signature dish is the whole kit and kaboodle.....I love making Thanksgiving Dinner and do my best on's only right!
Your pie looks a little like my pies.....all dolled up and pretty for the big day.....YUMM!

abb said...

TOTALLY forgot to watch that, darn it! I'll have to find when it's on again.
My sigature dish is and always will be mashed potatoes.

Mental P Mama said...

Cornbread dressin'.

Anonymous said...

Lemon Pound cake....smiles.

ELK said...

enjoy your very special holiday ..I usually do the cranberries and if we are going TO the inlaws LOTS of wine ..wink!!

The JR said...

I missed it. Was riding and doing barn chores.

But, I'm not complaining about having to shoulder the evening chores. Hubby has been working late every night for the past couple of weeks and that's a good thing.

He's self employed and for him to be this busy at this time of year is truly a BIG blessing.

beth said...

i watched it too....thanks to you..... and loved it !

what was bobby thinking ? no mashed potatoes ?
whaaaat ?

anyhow, since i don't cook, i just asked mom what i should bring, and she said, "oh honey, just bring the dinner rolls, that would be fine"

i did remind her that i make a great broccoli dish just for thanksgiving and she said "oh i totally forgot about that, yes, bring that, too"

Carolynn Anctil said...

I started my blog in 2006 too....hmmm...where did I go wrong...? *smile* I'm really pleased for Ree (Pioneer Woman) and the absolutely outlandish success she's experiencing through her blog. I followed her for a while too, but it soon became too commercial & polished for me. I pop in from time to time to check her out and swoon over the photos, but I don't stay long. Truth be told, all the other blogs I regularly visit, including yours, are every bit as marvelous. They just haven't been 'discovered' to quite the same extent.

Up here, north of the border, we already enjoyed our Thanksgiving feasts. I have a delicious pumpkin pie I love using my Mom's recipe. I don't make it look quite as pretty as yours, but it still tastes yummy.


Gayle said...

Enjoy your time w/family in NJ. Your pie is gorgeous!
My fave dish is a Cranberry/apple/orange marmalade/walnut relish. Mmmmmm!
Take good care.

Daryl said...

My signature dish is called Ordering In .. I pick a restaurant, sometimes with the help of my sister, sometimes I make an executive decision ... and then I dial the phone # and place the order .. the food is delivered and we eat ... no clean up necessary because I am tacky and we eat out of the containers/cartons the food arrives in .. oh we do use flatware so there is that to clean up but ToonMan is very accommodating as long as you dont ask him to do the 'dishes' til after the football game(s).

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Yes. My signature dish is a store bought desert put on one of my own platters so no one knows it is store bought.

Wait. Maybe they do know...


Country Gal said...

Great post and photos ! I am not a food network watcher sorry ! But I do make a mean Sheperds pie, chilly and muffins so hubby tells me lol he loves all my cooking and baking, I was raised on a farm as a child my mum was British and made everything from scratch so I learnt it all from her ! Have a great day !

Meg McCormick said...

PW was one of the first blogs I read too, before I started my own. I loved her recipes and am so happy for her success. I watched the Throwdown - what a hoot! I'm not a fan of brussels sprouts but the ones Bobby made actually looked like something I'd add to my plate if a steaming bowl of 'em were passed around to me at the table.

My signature dish is my cheeky sense of humor, which I will be bringing, along with four hungry males, to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner this year. It's totally no muss, no fuss for me!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I saw it! Loved it. Back before I knew how to turn on a computer, I googled "best chocolate cake ever" for my daughter's birthday and her site came up. Didn't even know what a blog was but started commenting on there and became hooked. Her recipes are so easy and GOOD. I'm very happy for her - she is definitely a natural at everything she does.

And so are you, my dear. So are you.

Mashed potatoes are my thing at Thanksgiving. It's the only thing I can consistently do well.

Lili said...

Apple pumpkin? I really like the little leaves, is that the apple part? I just finished baking an apple pie tonight, it's the 2nd one this week, we are so bad sometimes. So, maybe we shouldn't have any dessert on Thanksgiving to make up for our badness. I'll have to catch that Throwdown with Rhee when it repeats! xo ~Lili

BB said...

Wish I'd been able to see it - saw all the twitter talk and was intrigued. She won and I guess I'll eventually watch it (if I ever get a computer with sound!) when someone uloads it!

Ree was one of my first blog-crushes - and has remained so. I love that there is barely a negative thing at her place - and you are the same (although sometimes you share your tough moments which I also love).

You both inspire me with great imagery and lovely attitudes to life.

BB said...

And by ULOAD of course I mean UPLOAD... unless I have accidentally started a new saying where people upload to you-tube by u-loading!!

Donna S. said...

I always have to do the dressing. There is a corn/greenbean casserole that everyone likes too. And cornbread/corn casserole.

A New England Life said...

I didn't watch the whole show so I missed the end. Who won?

Like you I usually make the apple and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving at my parents. It seems to be tradition these days. Hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week!!!

GailO said...

I usually end up making the turkey and mashed potatos...and stuffing of course:) then all the side dishes are brought by everyone else...Thanks for potluck!

forgetmenot said...

Kate, Your pie looks absolutely "perfect". I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks too. I always make Mini Sticky Buns for any special occasion. I posted the recipe on my blog under Holiday Tables. They are delicious as well as easy to make. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving--I know you and your family will be having delicious things to eat!!

Linda @ bushel and a pickle said...

Missed it! Drat! Love them both. Bobby is a good sport and enjoyable to watch. I'm getting my mo jo for cooking stirred up!

Anonymous said...

I have several "signature dishes" but I guess I'll go with the apple cake. Someday I'll learn to make homemade noodles like my mom's!

I found PW accidentally while researching "pioneer women" via Yahoo. I enjoyed but didn't follow regularly until I accidentally found TK! Now I have numerous blogs bookmarked but only follow 3 regularly (yours is one).