Saturday, February 2, 2008

Winner Announced for WGG#4

I know I'm posting early, but it's only an hour and besides, it's already been won. This week's winner is HELEN, who was the first to answer with the correct guess of a SWEET GUMTREE BALL. (Or Sweet gum tree seed pod, which is what it is). Helen's first guess of a sticky ball from a Sycamore tree was incorrect, but her husband BOB set her straight. (Bob is big into gardening). Helen lives in NJ and works in Philadelphia. She's also my sister-in-law but that doesn't prevent her from winning any contests that I hold. If I didn't include my relatives, I'd hardly have anyone playing, so it's all good.
Now you may remember Helen from one of my very first posts, and her daughter Kim from hanging out with Jerry Garcia. And Helen, I had no idea you even read this blog! So, welcome to my world. I hardly get to see ya, so it's good to have you along.
I'm posting the Big Picture here, as well as what a sticky ball from a sycamore looks like. The farm drive here is lined with big old sycamore trees and over the holidays, I took this photo with my zoom lens and posted it for New Year's Day. I'd rather walk on a sycamore ball in my bare feet rather than one from a sweet gum. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

I had no clue what a sweet gum ball was. No wonder we had a hard time guessing!!

Congrats Helen!!

Jeannelle said...

Congrats to the latest winner of your clever game! I stared bleary-eyed at the guessing game photo last night around midnight as I was waiting for my son to get home, and just had no idea what it could be. I've never heard of a sweet gum tree ball.

nannykim said...

ooooh, we have lots of those here in SC!! One year we used the sweet gumtree balls in our Christmas decorations---I just call them gum balls, heh , heh!