Friday, February 1, 2008

Indian corn revisited

I got home late today, too late to go out for the usual walk with George, arriving home just in time for dinner. I love coming home from working all day to a house that smells like good cooking and a man in the kitchen stirring the contents of a simmering skillet. There is nothing better, and I'm blessed to have this.
My husband also likes to garden and again this year, he grew ornamental indian corn. I love the colors of this one and am thinking of re-doing my bedroom with this color scheme.
Not really.
I was just looking through my photo files for a picture to use in this post when I came across this one. Readers may remember when I used indian corn as my first Guessing Game clue. So I'm also using this photo as a lead-in to the upcoming Weekend Guessing Game which'll be posted tomorrow evening between 6 & 7 PM. It's simple to play. You just guess what the picture is and the winner will be announced Saturday evening at 6 PM. In the past, I've always used things found in nature for the pictures and might switch things up tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet. So stop back tomorrow evening to find out and play. It's fun and easy. And there's no prize other than the fact that you've won, beating out about 14 other people.
It's a goal for me to actually have 25 comments on a post in one day, but it's a superficial goal, really. I just enjoy posting my pictures and being quiet. It's all good for now.


brneyedgal967 said...

Hmmm... I'll try this again. (First comment materialized into nothing.)

I wish I had your humbleness and humility. Instead, I am a comment whore. *sigh*

LOVE the Indian Corn picture. It reminds me of a multi-stand beaded bracelet I saw once but wasn't going to pay $90 for.

Think you can shellac those kernels and string 'em? Hmmmm.


Jen said...

I love your pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, great close up of the corn. Do you have a macro lens you're using?

Country Girl said...

I do use a macro lens. I got it for Christmas from my husband. Well, actually I got a KitchenAid Pro mixer which he (thankfully) realized I really didn't want. So I returned it and got the macro lens. I'd marry it if I could. Well, not really.


Anonymous said...

Cool picture of the corn. I love the colors and was wondering which colors you were thinking about for your room. My mind went wild with the possibilities.

Fave Babe

dlyn said...

I think those would be great colors for a room. I wish someone would give me a Kitchen-aid mixer. And a macro lens, cause I would keep the mixer. And I will get to your tag - yours is the 2nd of 3 actually, but it's not like I can't come up with 18 odd and unimportant things about myself. Somehow this comment truned into some kind of random thoughts thing - please forgive me. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I left a comment earlier... I'm thinking Blogger ate it.

I think those would be nice colors for a bedroom. Just add a splash of color to those earth tones.

A macro and a polarizer filter are on my next to buy list. I love macros.

Country Girl said...

I love macros, too. And random

And these colors are really good. I love how they have a pearl-like glaze on them.

And, please don't worry about doing tagging if I've tagged your site. I didn't notice that you'd been tagged so recently.

And blogger IS weird. Christine isn't the first person to say they had their comments zapped. So, sorry about that. I need a better host, I'm thinking.