Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ott-lite information

Because so many of you have expressed an interest in the Ott-Lite, I've taken segments of the description off the box that my new lite came in, so here goes: Dr. John Ott, a photobiologist and pioneer in light research, discovered the remarkable effects that specific wavelengths of natural light have on all living things. Dr. Ott developed the first OTT-LITE product while he was filming The Secrets of Life for Walt Disney. He spent 40 years of scientific research to create the specially formulated blend of rare earth phosphors that he used to create the unique illumination that looks and feels like natural daylight. It's possible to see with superior clarity without the intense heat, excessive glare and the harsh distortion of standard lighting. When I googled Dr. Ott, I found a wealth of information. Too much to post here. He's known as the "Father of Full Spectrum Light" and his hometown was Chicago, IL. I mentioned in a comment that I bought my lite for $40 online from Joanne Fabrics. They have many ott-lites on sale right now, so it's a good time to buy. Just thought you'd like to know. Glad to be of service to ya!


Anonymous said...

hi country girl! Thanks for the info. on the Ott-Lite. I searched on the Joanne Fabrics website and 50 came up...which one did you get? What is the wattage? Several are sold out so I may be too late. Thanks! Mary

Country Girl said...

Ott-Lite True Color 13W Task Light

Hope they still have it!

It's just a table top model but was a good deal at $40.


Anonymous said...

I want one but will have to wait until payday. Good thing is that I am on their mailing lists and routinely get their 50% off coupons! :D

Jeannelle said...

Thanks for the info. Amazing, what has been discovered about the benefits of light.

Am going to check out the JoAnn website right now.

Jeannelle said...

Which type of bulb does your lamp have......the curly or straight one?