Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photos of Maine (and it’s not too late for the Giveaway)

I thought I’d share some random photos taken while my husband and I were vacationing in Maine last month. And if you haven’t entered my Giveaway, there’s still plenty of time as it closes Friday at 6 PM.

DSC_0106 copy 2

Check out this interesting way to travel. Seen in the parking lot at Schoodic Point, this little camper and VW Beetle isn’t something you see every day. I was not surprised to see that they’re from California because I think it’s really cool. My husband noted the bike on top, which has a small motor. Very retro.

The view is incredible from where they’ve parked, especially at high tide when the waves crash against the rocks.

Speaking of views,

DSC_0127 copy 2

this is where we pulled over and had a small picnic. The doors of the Element open like a clam shell, so that’s what you see on either side of the photo.

The weather that day was so perfect. Cool enough for a sweater in the shade but nice and warm in the sun.

DSC_0004 copy 2

The kayaks at low tide. Kayaking is fun and work at the same time. I’m liking it a lot.

And  before you say, ‘Awwww, that’s sweet’ when you look at the photo below, I want you to look at what my husband is using to comb George’s fur.

DSC_0308 copy 2

This is my comb. My husband forgot to bring George’s brush, and this is what he chose as a replacement. Actually, once I got over the shock, it sorta did make sense.

And it’s only a comb.

It was this next photograph that made me saw ‘Awwww’.

DSC_0096 copy 2

I think they’re having a moment.

I’ve enjoyed reading all of your answers to the Q&A I posted below. It’s always so interesting to find out who actually comes here. The craziness begins when I try to remember everyone. For those of you who asked where the house for sale is located, here’s the link to the realtor page. It’s a really beautiful home that hasn’t been updated since what looks like the 50’s or 60’s.

One of my favorite answers to the Q&A this time was this answer to the question: What is your first name? How do you feel about it? The reply was:

Wayne. It was a gift. So I accepted it.

Nicely put, Wayne. In fact, I think I found the answers to this question the most interesting. So many unique names like Cloudia, Jeanne (pronounced the French way), Manden, Charlane and Ramona as well as so many different feelings about our names. Thanks for your honesty.

I also enjoyed the answers to your favorite summertime drink and had never heard of some of them, such as Watermelon Lime-Aide. Thanks, Karen for posting this for us! It looks really refreshing. 

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


Hilary said...

That photo of their 'special moment' is special indeed.
Love it a lot.

mrs mediocrity said...

Definitely an awww in there! Great shots, as always.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

For the rest of my life I am going to be thinking about that VW pulling the petite and perfect camper with the bike on top! What a fantastic way to travel, although I never considered the VW as an option to pull anything.
Used to want a vintage Airstream, now have revised my dream to include a Scamp.

Great photos and narrative, as always.

Cloudia said...

What an enjoyable post!

Aloha from Waikiki :)

Comfort Spiral

Karen said...

Love love love that beetle and camper, how adorable, how totally ME!!!! WHY didn't I DO THIS when I was Young and carefree!???...

oh yeah.. lack of money, but STILL!!!...

Perhaps in retirement. *sigh*

P.S. I really like Wayne's response to his name.

Mary Lou said...

I love that Beetle with the camper and bike..What fun they should be having..not to mention what fun you were having!
At first I thought it was going to be your toothbrush he was using so being your comb was better than that!!
I love visiting you.

Ann On and On... said...

You're right, they were having a moment.

I was going to answer those questions...darn it! :D Next time.

Sweetpea said...


(just so you could *hear* me say it)

Jayne said...

What a sweet, sweet moment you captured there Kate. Grinning here. Yep, it's just a comb.

Kim said...

This makes me want a VW Bug even more...a yellow one!
Love the picture of George and hubby...yup, just a comb...not to worry.
Have a great day Kate!

Sharmon Davidson said...

I would totally love to get in that VW with the trailer and drive around forever... I don't need much space, and just think how much less gas it uses than a regular RV!

Daryl said...

I am fascinated by the trailer, its as wee as the VWB ... were the people wee too?

Linda said...

Well apparently George needed the comb more than you did LOL!

Gail said...

The last picture needs no words!

Lili said...

Awww it looks like George really LIKED that. At least it wasn't your toothbrush! ~Lili

The JR said...

The last picture is an "Awwww".

That is just the cutest picture with the VW, camper and bike. sister was talking about buying one of those tiny campers....only the Lord knows why and what she would do with it!

Thanks for using my name!

ELK said...

random trip photos are my favorite today!! LOVE the lack and white...well.. all of them!!

Carolynn Anctil said...

I've been a bit AWOL lately. Stewing in my own...poop. *grin* Now, I'm doing a bit of catch up.

I really love the treatment you gave that first photo. May I ask what you've done to create that look?


Mental P Mama said...

For a minute there, I thought it was your toothbrush. Cornfield.

Country Girl said...

I used one of the vintage actions in the set below by Florabella. I think it was Vintage Wine that I used.

It's my favorite.

I also have the Luxe set which is lovely. But I prefer the Vintage.

Vintage Set:

~ C.G.

Corny said...

You can see VW pulling trailers in Germany all the time! VW are strong and tuff! Great shot! Makes me feel at home!

Country Girl said...

Well, I guess they are, Corny. Thanks for reminding me!

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and checking out the pictures. The VW and camper pic is so cute. Love it.

Di said...

That's me up there. Just signed on a google ID. Still trying to figure out how this all works. Thanks.

Char said...

those are very sweet shots of george indeed

Jill of All Trades said...

Great pictures as usual. I love doing the Q&A thing here.