Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birds of a Feather

I love my macro lens. This is a photo I took this evening of a BLUE JAY FEATHER my husband brought home yesterday. He's always bringing me little gifts from the woods. Once in a while, they're really weird, but always, they're interesting. But I digress (here I go again).

This is really a story about a COOPER'S HAWK that my husband met the other morning.

He and a co-worker came into the main barn early yesterday morning, opening one of the wide side-opening doors wide. They turned on the lights and my husband went towards the other end of the barn, and in doing so, spooked up a Cooper's Hawk, who took off and flew directly over his co-workers head then turned around and exited through the door my husband had just opened.
He said the hawk came so close to him, he could almost touch it. He also said it was the most interesting thing that happened all day (he really said all week), but I can understand that sentiment. It's not every day that a bird of that cliber comes so close to you.
I would have been in awe.


tj said...

...Gosh, the photo of that feather is beautiful! You've so got it goin' on in the Photography end of things! ;o)

...And a pretzel rod?! That photo is amazing! When you look at the close-up it looks like you're looking into a sugary or frozen glaze - maybe even a varnished surface... I never would of guessed that one in a kajillion years! You're too much! :o)

...Blessings... :o)

Jeannelle said...

Oh, good, an unusual bird sighting! I love those. There's a meaning in it somehow.

Anonymous said...

you are SO making me lust after a macro lens. My dh and I were just talking about getting me one...

Country Girl said...

I just love how the macro lens really gets in there to the heart of things. Kacey, you need one. I think you'll fall in love with it.

And I've got to wonder what the bird sighting is about, really. I know Jeannelle, that owl story that you told on your site. And I hope that sighting the hawk is a good thing.

TJ - I like the pretzel photo, too! It was taken with the ott-lite and the macro lens. (As was the feather).


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful picture of a feather. The details of the stripes are very interesting. I've never noticed that on the Blue Jay before.

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old daughter loved the feather! She wouldn't let me move off the page to even comment. She kept telling me that she wanted to look at the blue feather. :-p

Country Girl said...

Christine, I'd be happy to make a print of the blue feather for your daughter. Just send me your address.

Tell her thank you for the compliment. It touched my heart!

Mary said...

Oooh, I'd love to have a macro lens. Your photos are brilliant!

And it must have been so neat to see the Cooper's Hawk. We had some type of hawk in the tree outside our dining room a week or two ago. I posted a picture of him (her?) under the title "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner." Someone told me he may have been a merlin falcon, but I think he was too big. We have a raptor hospital in our town, and I once got to help release an owl back into the wild. Amazing!

Have a wonderful week!