Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow! I've won an award!

Actually, I won this award on Monday, but was so sick all week that I couldn't even acknowledge it, other than to say thank you to the giver. It's a "You Make My Day" Award and was given to me by tj, over at Humble Origins. Thanks so much, tj!

TJ has the distinction of being the very first person, outside of my family, to leave a comment on this site. Her comments are always so kind, like a blessing. And you know, she even signs them "blessings". It made me realize there really are good people out there reading what I'm writing, and looking at my pictures. So thanks, tj. You made my day and it makes me feel better just telling you that!

And now I must pass this award on to someone and there are just so many that I can think of. So many friends I've made blogging who have been helpful and kind. But I'm going to have to pick one and I'm giving this one to Kacey over at Wine on the Keyboard. Kacey makes my day with her unique ideas and well, I'm just sharin' the joy here. Congratulations, Kacey!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks so much! I enjoy reading your blog too! Especially the George pics and the flower pics...George has kinda won my heart. Don't tell SuperGuy.

tj said...

...Aww Kate, you so deserved this award, I just wished I could've gave you a real award - you know, something with substance... :o)

...And your note is so sweet! Once again, you've made my day! See, how easy that is?! lol...

...Hope you get to feeling well soon! And give lil' George a pat on the head for me - he's a dog after my own heart bringin' sqeaky toys to ya when you're feeling out of sorts! :o)

...Blessings to you...

Mary said...

Congratulations, Kate! You SO deserve this award. I always love to visit here and see your terrific photos.

Take it easy this weekend -- rest up and get better. :)