Sunday, February 3, 2008

Photogenic Pup

He can't help it. He's America's Next Top Doggie Model. Did you hear Janice Dickinson is lobbying to host this show? She'd be PERFECT for it!
Oh, my, I do sound catty, don't I? But look at this face. Isn't it sweet?
My husband shot these photos outside yesterday from a comfortable seat in the backyard. I was inside, slaving away cleaning the living room windows.
Yeah, for about 15 minutes. Sometimes I like leaving him outside with the camera and a good setting already loaded. Not to make him sound like a robot or something, but he doesn't like changing lenses or changing the settings. I don't know why. And I think he likes it that I have the shutter programmed to shoot continuously. It's like you're a professional photographer or something. He took lots of them while he was out there.
So I'm attibuting these photos completely to him. I Photoshopped the borders around the ones we chose to put in; learned that from and that's about it. He says he could care less about how to get them into the computer in the first place and to make them open up in Photoshop. So there.
He does take a pretty good pic, though.
So here's to Sunday. I'll be at work this afternoon as we're hosting an event. So hope your Sunday is a good one.


Jeannelle said...

I love those beseeching dog eyes. For years we had an Australian Shepherd with two different colored blue, one brown. That faithful friend died last summer at age 17.

I wondered how you put framing on your blog photos......

I really like your lineup of photos along the left side. A nice idea.

Country Girl said...

I can relate to having a long-loved pet pass away at an old age. It took us almost 2 years to replace our other Border Collie.

To put framing on your photograph is a simple procedure in Photoshop CS2. It's a curves layer and easy directions can be found on the Pioneer Woman's site,; just search for photoshop borders and directions should come up. She did it on Marlboro Man's "Two Bulls".

Thanks. I like the photos on the left, too. Today's post was a joint effort, so to speak. He took the photos and I did the finishing/layout.


nannykim said...

I hear those dogs are very smart!!

Anonymous said...

I especially like the photo with the closeup on the dog's eyes. The tilt of his head, along with the black/white patch. I just watched a video tutorial on making eyes pop that I'm dying to try on a closeup photo like this one. Your joint effort turned out very well here.

My dh is the same way. He likes to shoot the photos, but doesn't like to do any processing of them.

brneyedgal967 said...

George is a natural model... such kind eyes - oh, what a sweetie. I have a soft spot for dogs, even if they mess inside.

And Janice Dickinson, are ya kidding me? George is much prettier than her, she would loathe him for that, and mock him with her grotesque collagen inflated lips.

Flea said...

Oh what a sweet looking pup. We're Aussie fans here, currently parenting a brother/sister pair. Aussie's and Border Collies are the best dogs in the world, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love those photos!!! But you know I am a Border fan already! I wished I lived near you so I could hug beautiful George!!

You should put the eyes photo in the Digital Photography School forum eye's assignment thread. It is much better than my submission!!

Country Girl said...

I do think Borders and Aussies are some of the best dogs ever and thank you all for the comments.

Christine, I saw your entry for that contest and it's great! I registered for the site and posted my photo but it turned into a thumbnail so I don't know what I did wrong. No worries, but it would have been more dramatic if it was bigger. I'll write them and ask what I did wrong.

I have GOT TO GET RID OF THIS DIAL-UP internet. Helen, you're right! That's next on my agenda. Have a great day, everyone. Was surprised to wake up to this many posts.


Anonymous said...

If you upload your photo to flickr, go to your photo and above it, there is a clickable option "All Sizes". Click on that. Next window, select 500x or 600x and below the photo, some code will be in a box. Copy and paste that to your post and viola! Your photo should be bigger size. HTH! :)

Anonymous said...

Just went to see your photo... don't forget to add "Assignment: Eyes" to your post title. :)

dlyn said...

He is very photogenic! He looks like a sweet boy.

Country Girl said...

Christine, thanks for your suggestion. I finally got the photo uploaded onto Flickr. I had to delete my first post at the contest site, so am now #294.

I added the correct post title, too, thanks again!

I don't know why it won't put the picture for my profile, nor why it says point & shoot but I'll figure it out later. This evening has been a lesson in patience, as it took an hour/15 min to upload the pic! Sigh . . .


abb said...

Your George reminds me of my bro's dog, Janis Joplin. Borders (I actually think she's a border/aussie mix) are such smart (& sweet) dogs. Janis Joplin lived up the street from us for 5 years and visited us regularly, though she knew she wasn't supposed to. You can always tell when she's done something she shouldn't - her guilty eyes give her away EVERY time! There's a pic of her looking rather like your George (pose-wise) here:

Love your blog - your writing style and photos are wonderful.


Country Girl said...

I clicked on the link and Janis Joplin is adorable! Thanks for the pic. George would visit, too, if we'd let him out of the backyard fence to do so.

Thanks for the compliments.

BTW, I like your flower post pic.