Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Not quite in the pink again

I bought some flowers while running errands this afternoon after work. By the time I got them home and ready to take a picture using existing light, I noticed that my camera battery was dead. Ah, well.
After charging the battery for several hours, I really wanted to capture what I thought was a beautiful specimen of a cyclamen, but after taking pictures by lamplight in my living room, and then using my minimal Photoshopping skills, I still cannot make this flower look as beautiful as it does it real life.

I'll try again tomorrow, but for now, it's still good to gaze upon. Even though I know it's not perfect.

I've never owned a cyclamen before and had to research it on the internet. I didn't know the plant would go dormant during the summer months. In fact, it's suggested that you let the it dry out complety for 2-3 months.

Aren't you glad you come here to visit, so you can get these interesting plant tips?

I'm so glad to be of service.


Anonymous said...

I still love the picture. And I love cyclamen. It's one of the few, embarassingly few plants I can grow without killing. I never let it dry out either. But it turns out my cat liked it and it's not nearly as lovely after the kitty has snacked on it. So it's gone. A little sad I guess, but the cat is worth it. He's on my lap as I type. Good luck with your photos tomorrow.

brneyedgal967 said...

Oh I love cyclamen! I had one years and years ago and I don't remember what happened to it, darn, there's one of those memory lapses again that happen every now and then. I remember the ceramic glazed pot it was in and the spot on the dining room buffet where I kept it. But nope, empty, nothing at all, blank, on what happened to it.

Sheesh. Again, thanks for sharing. Perfect or not it looks darn pretty to me.

Jeannelle said...

These photos are lovely to see on a snowy evening.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh a plant that's hard to kill? With my black thumb, that's the kind I need in my home! LOL

I still like your photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm forever in your debt. You know your post on Riva Berkovitz? Well when I browsed her gallery she had a folder call ott light photos. I thought to myself, *I have an ott light that I use for knitting. So I used that on my amaryllis that refuses to be photographed. Got some great shots. Then I used it for other flower close ups. I'm very happy today. All due to you!

Country Girl said...

You'd think I would've taken her advice as well. After seeing these photos, I've decided I really need one. It's next on my priority list. I'm almost embarassed to have posted these. Sheesh!

But thanks everyone. You can tell they're from lamplight, right?


Anonymous said...

You can get ott lamps on sale from JoAnn's quite often. Mine were all bought on sale. Gotta love online shopping.

what kind of light did you use on the slice of life photos? Those were great.

And really, these on this post are good too!

Anonymous said...

And if you sign up for Joann's junk mail, you can get 50% coupons, too. ;)

Shannon (SLBB) said...

I like it when I learn something new everyday.

I will have to keep coming back for more of these great photos and tidbits of knowledge.

Country Girl said...

Hi, Shannon. Haven't seen you here yet. Welcome.

Kacey, I took the slice of life roses outside in the afternoon sunlight.

And I ordered an ott light on sale from Joann Fabrics today. And signed up for their junk mail. Thanks, Christine and Kacey!

And Tammy, I've always said sheesh, too.