Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here comes the sun

All week long, I've been hoping for the feel of the sun on my face, and finally, today it happened. I'm so glad that the sun is shining on my husband's only day off from work during the week. During breeding season, he gets one day off and Sunday is it. But this story isn't about him.
It's about how happy George is when we're both home. He is positively exhuberant when we're all together.
My husband throws the frisbee for him and George loves trying to catch it in mid-air. Mostly he misses, but every now and then he gets it (although not for the camera) and we both cheer. George knows he's done something special when we cheer.
He crouches down low awaiting his command, just like you've seen the Border Collies do on TV, and then he's off like a rocket, then jumping for that frisbee.
Unfortunately, he's way too quick for my camera. But some day, I hope to have a decent photo of him catching his prize.
This funny sculpture in our backyard is my husband's toy tee-pee. It's made of sticks that my husband has found during walks, and they're all shaped into a tee-pee. Then George's toys are added into the mix. For some reason, George likes this creation my husband made for him. He picks the toys out that he wants to play with, and it seems to keep him busy for a bit.
If you sit in certain places in our backyard, where you're protected by the wind, it actually feels quite warm. The sun on your face, the warmth in your heart, well it's everything I think a nice relaxing Sunday should be. You can read your book out there, enjoy a little glass of wine, and today I actually had to put on sunscreen! Hoping you're all enjoying your Sundays! Amen.


Jen said...

Wow. At first I thought that said toy pee-pee. I was quite confused.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the cover of National Geographic this month?? It's George...actually George is much more handsome and your pictures of him are much better. It's entitled, Inside Animal Minds. The Border Collie they chose looks depressed, not happy and vibrant as George...he's so photogenic! I think you should submit some of your photos to them!

Laura B. said...

Oh, George is quite the handsome boy! So glad you were able to finally get some sun and thaw out a bit. :-) Thanks for swinging by my blog!

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly, your Sunday!! I used to love sitting out on a warm day watching my Border Montana play. Something about Borders that just gives me goosebumps. I love my Kumo (he's Golden/Chow mix), but not like I loved my 'Tana.

Keep posting those beautiful George photos!! :D

Mary said...

I really think George is the George Clooney of the doggie set -- he's SO photogenic!

Love your pics!

dlyn said...

Could George be any better a subject for photos? The camera adores that dog - me too actually :)

Country Girl said...

Mary, I'd like to use your George Clooney reference as a heading post. I LOVE IT!

He really is a pretty dog. He's a keeper.

Alisa, that is funny. Submitting my photos to National Geographic. The article sounds interesting, though. I think I'll pick up a copy.

Thanks, everyone!