Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hiding Place

Darling, let me touch your face

and let your skin be my hiding place

I promise I won't take up

too much room.

Darling, can I touch your face

Let your eyes fall to love's embrace.

Forever isn't far, it's coming soon.

Serena Ryder ~ Hiding Place


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Mary said...

Lovely. Is that a poem, or a song?

Country Girl said...

It's lyrics from a song sung by Serena Ryder. If I was as computer-savvy as Rosie at C'est La Vie, I'd have it here downloaded for you. Rosie does that a lot and I love it when she does that.

But I don't like the entire song, actually, just the lines Serena sings here. I'm weird that way.

Anonymous said...

I imediately thought of Steven when I read this. I can't wait to touch his face...I'm sure it will be rough from the harsh conditions in Iraq. I don't long as I get to touch his face and look into his beautiful blue eyes.
He's not in a good location right now...I've been praying...a lot lately for him. May can't come soon enough...

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