Saturday, March 1, 2008

Holy last minute, Batman, we have a winner!

Right in the middle of writing this post, the one about having no winner in this week's Guessing Game Contest, I received the correct answer in my e-mail.

ACORN, you are correct with your answer of AN ERASER on the top of a pencil! Your persistence paid off and you are now going to enjoy the same fame (sorry about the no fortune part) that past winners have been experiencing.
Acorn is my friend, Adrienne, who a few of you may remember from this post, which was one of my very first attempts at blogging.
Acorn lives in New Jersey with her new puppy, Josie. She's been guessing faithfully each week for this game and I think she may have been a little bit miffed when her sister, Renee won at one point. Not really. She's not like that. But Acorn, it's your turn now! I'm proud of ya because this was a tough one.
This eraser looks so much different when zoomed in with a macro lens, doesn't it? I loved the guesses we had this week. The crayon, the lipstick tube, the sherbet and watermelon, but most hilarious was Noble Pig's guess of skin with rug burn. Ouch!
Thanks to everyone who played this week and have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

No Way! That was not an erasure. I was positive I was going to win...I can't imagine I'll ever get one right. But I'll keep trying!!