Sunday, March 30, 2008

My EB Ice machine

Because so many of you have questions about the EB ice device that I've been using, I've put a link to it. I enjoyed the funny comments on previous posts, such as "can I use it for my head?" (Perhaps after a night of too much wine?) Why, yes, I do believe you could wrap the contoured pad around your head. But you've got to promise to take a picture of yourself having done so, and post it.
Another thing I'll address is that I really don't like posting anything negative, like my worries and my maladies. I just want to keeep some things to myself. Besides, I don't like people knowing how crazy I really am and someone has told me that I already say way too much. I'm just going to take that with a grain of salt. Or even put it in my pipe and smoke it.
I really don't have a pipe. It's just an expression I've always used. And I'm not really that crazy.
So many of you have sent well wishes and I'm truly touched. I'm getting around much better and am only using the pain pills for recreational purposes at this point.
Just making sure you're listening.
Tomorrow, I go back to work and I really wish I had a couple more days of recuperation, but I'm pretty tough and I can do this. I've really enjoyed being home and doped up for the past few days, having the chance to visit all your wonderful blogs. It's been a nice escape and it's been good to catch up on what's going on in your lives.
So to all of you who have wished me well, thanks! I hope I've answered your questions about the ice machine. And yes, I did change my profile picture. I got bored. I'm not planning on coming completely out of the closet. That would be way too scary.
And now, I think I have some laundry to do. Oh, and the picture I posted is of a section of a pansy bud. They're not as beautiful as roses, but I love the beautiful curves and the buttery color.


Harbor Hon said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog and am enjoying it very much. I'm from downtown Baltimore and don't get to see much in the way of Spring or growing things other than the trees out front of my apartment ... unless I take the lightrail out of town.
Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and your life, you are now in my favorites.
Carolyn xxoo

gail said...

I'm bored too but have plenty to do, just lazy and tired today. I never can guess right on your photos. I just don't see things close up, lol.

But I sure love when you post them.

brneyedgal967 said...

Ice, Ice, Baby. They need to make blouses with the whole ice/cooler connection for women with hot flashes. Or maybe a bra filled with a gel you can freeze. Wait. I might be on to something here.

So you're smoking some kinda pipe and popping pain pills. Now I know what girls who live out in the country do on weekends. Bwahahaha.

Wish you had more time to rest too, you're tough but 2 days is not long enough after knee surgery. IMHO.

Country Girl said...

Welcome to Carolyn (AKA Sea Mystery). I'm so glad you added me to your favorites.

Girl, was there a guessing game I didn't know about? I'm confused and it's not just the drugs. No, maybe it is . . .

Tammy, I love your idea for the ice blouse. And I would definitely wear it while smoking my pipe and saying, how does it go, Bwahahahaha. It's making me laugh.

I love it.

~ C.G.

Bekah said...

oo good luck on going back to work, i hope that goes well for you! way to be tough!

jsksail said...

Please HELP if you can. I have a ebice unit that I have been using everyday for the last four months, the power cord went bad and know it won't work. Is there anyone that can help me please. I need a knee replacement and until my case is seen I have to wait. Yes I was hurt on the job and they couldn't care less about me. Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

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