Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pansies and collard greens: perfect together

It's Saturday morning on the farm and George has gotten me up early. My husband is already at work and had just taken George for his little morning walk. But George was home now and wanted me to play. It's 6:30 AM, puppy! And so I got up.
I took these pictures a few days ago. My husband tilled our garden last weekend and planted collard greens on Wednesday evening. The pansy bud picture was taken that same evening.
The second pansy picture was taken just this morning. The sun was shining on it and I'd just gone outside (read: hobbled outside) to feed the cats and saw that the little pansy bud was blooming. So back inside to get my camera and get a picture. This all takes a long time because I am moving just a little slow. See how full my life is here?
I came back inside to put my leg up and attach my ice apparatus. See, it just keeps getting better. I had poured myself a cup of coffee, set my cell phone by my little couch and attached my ice and proceeded to try to get myself wedged into my seat and ended up grabbing the coffee cup by mistake and spilling it all over my cell phone and my camera's storage disk.
Can you guess what I cleaned first? The phone can wait. Now that the mess is cleaned up and I've made sure my cell still works, and I'm sitting here, after finally getting the disk to work, I realize that I really really need a pain pill. Darnit! I wasn't going to blog about my little problems!
My goal for today is to finally get my bandages off. And I want to actually sit outside. The weather in Maryland today is sunny and nice. So I'm planning on finding an extension cord for this ice bucket device. I'm going to accomplish this! People have offered to come over and help me, but I'm ok, really I am. My husband will be home later and of course, I have George here who brings me squeaky toys. Which I'm tossing in the living room for him.

My life is complete.

Oh, I would like to publicly thank Margie, our art teacher at school, for the sweet and thoughtful basket of cheer she sent me in the mail yesterday. Margie sent me all these cool little things to cheer me up: my favorite soaps, candles, little chocolates and a CD she'd created herself and had made a cover for and titled it "Kate's Get Well Music". Because she's an artist, Margie handmakes all her own cards and this one is beautiful. Thanks again, my friend.

And now, where's that pain pill?


Russell said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Loved the photos of the garden. Here in Iowa it will be about 4 weeks or more before we start doing the same thing! I have been able to till my garden in late April but usually I don't actually get in to start planing until the first part of May.

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Ah, signs of spring. Pansies. Garden tilling.

Hope you feel better soon. Glad you rescued the camera disk!!

Jo said...

I adore pansies. Do you remember the pansies in Alice in Wonderland? Gosh!

When our Freddie was a teeny little boy, he used to love the "flowers with the faces on them".

I hope you're feeling better today.

Country Girl said...

I'm doing really well but can't find an extension cord to take the ice pack out to my back porch where it's sunny and nice.

Yes, I do remember the pansies in Alice in Wonderland! Oh, my. And children say the sweetest little things.

Russell, 4 more weeks is just way too long!

Kacey, you'd have gone for the camera disk first, right? It's all good now, anyway.

~ C.G.

John-Michael said...

I just followed your comment at Josie‘s and am s pleased that I did.

I enjoy your photo creativity immensely!

Country Girl said...

Why, thank you John-Michael. Welcome to my blog.

~ C.G.

Mary said...

Hi Kate,
The pansies and the freshly tilled ground look so nice. It's still a little too cold here to plant...

Feel better soon!

Leslie: said...

I'm wondering if the thing you use to ice your knee is the same type of thing they use for knee replacement surgery. If it is, I know what you mean about its being quite the process getting hooked up. My Dad had to use one after his knee replacement. Hope the swelling is minimal and the pain is soon non-existant. Love the open pansy photo! Cheers! :D

brneyedgal967 said...

Are you using one of those tens units with chilled water running through it? I know you don't like blogging about these things, but see how nosy we all are?

Can't wait to see his whole garden in action in a few weeks. Mine will be ready to plant this coming week. The redbuds are in full bloom and so is are the pear trees. They are lovely.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this little ice-apparatus thing...I need it for my head.

Jeannelle said...

Oh, I love the pansy photo....and how nice to see a gardening photo. Russell is right, it'll be many weeks before it'll be fit to garden in Iowa.

Maybe you've mentioned it, and I missed it, but what did you have done to your knee? A scope?

Best wishes and prayers. May the pain lessen every day.