Thursday, March 13, 2008

I take a walk on the wild side

This is the next farm over from where we live and these are the colts who live in this paddock. They're always interested in whomever is out and about and today they were especially intrigued by the small sound my camera makes. I have it set to continuous shutter, so as it clicks away, it makes an interesting little noise. So you can see, this is not really the wild side; it's just a different farm from where we live.
These guys are all yearlings and I can't say much else about them because I really don't know them very well. I do know that they are beautiful (well, I think they are) and they all stick together in their herd. Some are more bold and daring than the rest and one even has what looks like a reverse question mark on his face.
George was crouched down, doing his herding thing. He's not permitted to go into the paddocks. Not only is it dangerous, it's rude. The paddocks are for the horses. If he goes in there and gets them stirred up, they could possibly injure themselves from running about and we can't have that. Plus he could get really hurt.
Actually, George is looking pretty clean in these pictures. It wasn't so this morning. When they returned from their morning walk, I heard my husband asking the dog where he got so dirty. The dog did not answer him.
By the time I came downstairs, they were mad at each other and George was outside sulking. I took George into the laundry room and looked at the filthy mess he'd made of himself. He had rubbed his neck all over something that was disgusting and stunk so I had to clean him up before I left for work.
He was very sheepish when I left this morning and I could tell my husband was still mad at him when I came home. So George was pretty glad to see his mother and really happy to be going out for a walk with me. Hope you enjoyed your walk on the wild side with me today!


Jeannelle said...

Gorgeous photos of the beautiful horses! A treat to see them since there's not a horse in sight for miles here where I live.

dlyn said...

Nothing cuter than almost-still-baby horses! And George is plenty cute too :)

Mary said...

((((Sigh))))) Can I come live with you? I want to be able to see these beautiful animals every day, too! :)
Great pics, as usual!