Friday, March 7, 2008

Guessing Game takes a break this weekend

Sorry for all who look forward to my Weekend Guessing Game, but I got home way to late to get to it tonight. My hairdresser appointment ran long, I didn't have one in my saved files to use, and my dog ate my homework. Don't worry, though. It will be back next Friday night at 6 PM. Have a great evening, everyone!
UPDATE: Readers, there is a riddle that has been left by Russell in the comment section of this post. Have fun with it. It's a good one! Visit his blog, too. I think you will enjoy it.


Jeannelle said...

Enjoy your weekend away! The walk in a park sounds fun.....I'll be envious!

Russell said...

I don't have any ideas for the guessing game but here is a riddle... Perhaps you or your readers would like a silly riddle...

"A person leaves home, takes three left turns and there are two masked men waiting for him/her. Who are the two masked men???"

I will check back in a day or so in the event any one wants to take a guess or, more likely, knows the answer! This is one of the silly bonus questions I ask my students at the end of a test! My students (community college) like the bonus questions more than the regular ones! That should tell me something.....!

If I forget to stop back in the next day or so (very likely as I forget a lot of things!) send me a reminder over at Iowa Grasslands!

Take care and keep taking those great pictures!

Russell said...

I just read your post about Abbey and the letter. That is one of the most memorable, gripping stories I have ever read! My goodness! It actually made me tear up a bit, and I am not one prone to such things...

I have an extremely strong attachment to dogs. We currently have two - Daisy and Bailey. A golden retriever and a border collie / brittany mix.

Over the years we have had family dogs die and it is so, so, so awful. Words cannot describe. We have white crosses in a special area on the acreage - a little garden - with each dog's name on it.

The loss of a pet is often much worse than the loss of a relative. We get so close to our pets and they are so supportive of us. Never a cross word. Never anything but complete acceptance.

I still remember a person who we did not know too well who sent us a nice card when our last dog died. I was quite moved by that gesture.

There are people who have had cats or dogs that have died - and they tell us they will never get another pet because they cannot deal with the loss. I respect their views, but I cannot imagine not having the companionship of a pet.

The story you tell about the letter to God being answered along with a book by Mr. Rogers is beyond moving. It is special. You may consider sharing it with other beyond this blog....

Take care and please know I am so, so sorry to hear of the loss of a beloved member of your family. But the answer to your child's letter is a remarkable story.

Take care.

Jeannelle said...


Are they a catcher and an umpire?? And, no, I've never heard this one before.