Sunday, March 16, 2008

And so it is

I wish I could paint, but alas, I cannot. My sister Judy is a painter, though. And my father was quite the artist. My mother also dabbled a bit, but I think maybe we're all artists of some sort.
If I could paint a picture, I'd paint a simple one of this crocus. I think it's a 'Remembrance' crocus and I found it in my garden one day last week. My husband had found a patch of it in the woods and brought it home to me.
You know he likes doing things like that. And I like it when he does.
Spring is finally here and the crocus are in bloom. Lets breath a deep sigh and know that all is right in the world.
At least for today.


tj said...

...(*deep sigh*)... ;o)


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing artist.

The difference is your brush is a camera and your canvas is printer paper.

Thanks for sharing your gift.

-Life is Good

Anonymous said...

That's an absolutely beautiful flower. I love flowers.


Mary said...

Good Lord, what beautiful pictures! I know I just got my camera, but now I lust after a D80 and a macro lens...

Country Girl said...

I don't print out many of my photos, well at least not yet. My printer is adequate, a Canon Pixma, but I actually did print the top photo here because I liked it so much. I just wanted to see it. And I loved it!

Thank you so much everyone. For me, I think it's easy just using my D80 with the macro lens and then cropping in photoshop, maybe sharpening just a little, which is all I did with this.

I just feel that it turned out almost like a Georgia O'Keefe painting. I think maybe I just got lucky with this one!


Treasia Stepp said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures today. What a sweet husband you must have to bring you flowers he has picked himself. To me, those are the best kind.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, Spring is around the corner.

Meg said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I LOVE your pictures! You officially have a new reader!

Email me directly at and I will help you with the "lurker" /silent readers!

I tried to email you directly and it wouldn't let me!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picturs Kate, I love the purple. Spring has already sprung here in my neck of the woods and I am about to take the turtle out for his walk.

You are an artist, ya Dork.


Fave Babe

Jo said...

You have just given me an idea. I love to paint, and I think I will do a little watercolor of that wonderful crocus. It has a very Georgia O'Keeffe feeling to it. Once I have painted it, I will send it to you.

Thanks for the suggestion1

Country Girl said...

Welcome to Meg and Treasia. So glad you stopped by.

Josie, it would have made my day just seeing it painted and on your site. See, this is why I heart you.


Anonymous said...

what great shots! Love, LOVE the top one!

You know, I rarely print my pics either. I make up photo CD's to music for different trips, occasions, etc. But I rarely print them.

(think photo of the month on that picture!!)