Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the asparaguses have it

Well, FAVE BABE is the winner of this weekend's guessing game. She's my youngest sister, Ginny and just about a month ago, she shared the winning guess with another of my sisters. Ginny lives with hubby Jay and she and her husband care for our superdad, Clarke. Congratulations, Ginny for being the first to guess asparagus. Other people who guessed correctly were Seestah (my sister Judy), Jeannelle, Tammy, Miriam, Mary, Jen, Josie and Acorn. So with all those guessing correctly, I may have to step it up a notch next week and try to make it difficult. Or not. We'll see.
On another note, we had a beautiful day here in Maryland. It felt like 60 in the sun and it was wonderful. Have a wonderful evening, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Seriously, how do people look at that and know what it is? I am so bad at this.

Anonymous said...

Yay me....I never win anything. I hate that picture, but then I hate any picture of me. I say you toss this one..ugh.

Congrats to the other guessers.

Fave Babe

Country Girl said...

I don't know how people look at these things and guess them. I do the photos so I know what they are all the time. I ask my husband and wait for his answer. If it's wrong, then I'll post it.

And Ginny, I'll toss the photo if you send me a good one of you. I haven't seen you since I got the new camera and I rarely see you anyway. So send me something. (I'll toss this one anyway, per your instructions).