Sunday, June 1, 2008

A night on the water

I'm writing this at 10 o'clock in the morning on the last Saturday of May and I've just returned from a wonderful evening spent with friends on their boat, harbored in a marina that's not too far from where I live.
I'm not posting it until much later in the day because we've had a storm that came through here and I was knocked off the internet for quite some time.
What a different experience for me this was. If you're familiar with marinas, you'll know that it's sort of like a high-end trailer park on the water (my friend, Tracey's words). And this one, really high-end. Each spot (a slip) is rented out for the season and comes with the amenities you'll need for your boat, e.g. water, electricity, etc., and you can add on a storage compartment if need be, too. This particular marina's club membership includes a community pool, super clean shower houses and laundry facilities, tennis courts, and I could just go on and on. There's even a water taxi service if you'd like to run to one of the nearby restaurants on the water, or just be dropped off at one of the swimming beaches nearby. It's amazing.
And when I pulled into the marina parking lot, with Lynn following behind me, on the beautiful evening that last night turned out to be, I realized that this was the life for me. No, I didn't. Not then, at least. It wasn't until later.
It wasn't until I saw their boat . . .
Yes, I could definitely live on a boat like this, for awhile at least. It's sort of like camping, but in luxury accommodations. I liked the fact that every inch of extra space was used for storage, and I liked the compact space, the elegance and just the downright sexiness of this boat! Wow. Did I just say that out loud?
This is Captain Brian. He is a genial host and knowledgeable waterman. If I remember correctly, this is the 2nd season with this particular boat. He also makes an excellent bartender, but I have yet to try one of his bloody mary's because I had to leave early this morning. So Brian, if you're reading this, be warned that I may have to return for one of those drinks! Oh, and I'm sorry that I Photoshopped the name of your town out of this picture. Actually, I'm not sorry I did it. I just don't want to put too much personal information out there, ok?
This is Tracey. She's in charge of all the inside stuff and I felt like an honored guest. She showed me how to work the head (the toilet) and the showers. And the most important thing: turning on the coffee pot in the morning. This is very important. Whomever gets up first in the morning MUST push the coffee button. I think an electrical field in the marina may cause it to be be sucked into a vortex if the coffee button doesn't get pushed, so we MUST. PUSH. THE BUTTON. It's sorta like when we met Desmond on Lost. Sorry, guys. I'm teasing, but I'm hoping you're laughing.
Ok, On To Other Things ~ Tracey wanted to carry my camera bag when she walked me back to my car this morning. I've had this old Nikon bag for about 15 years and am in the market for another. Gosh, has it been 15 years? Not that I can afford it right away, but I like to know what's out there so I can properly lust after it. I was looking at Jessica Claire's Shootsacs, but they're really not for me. I mean, if I was a real photographer going on 'shoots' all the time, it would be excellent for the constant changing of lenses. But I need something that actually fits my camera as well. Maybe a Crumpler, but they're too expensive. Ok, I'm digressing again, I know it.

my friends have both worked really hard to get here, both of them. And I think it's wonderful that they had me out to share an evening with them on their beautiful boat. Oh, and here's what Tracey has planned for today: She's practicing swimming in the river for a triathlon she's entered in later this summer. She's got a wetsuit and everything! It's making me want to take a nap. The energy she has . . . it's just amazing. She's a trainer and owns her own gym, too. Ok. I'm definitely taking a nap now. Before I go, here is a cute little dog that was checking us out while we were walking to my car this morning. He was having a little nap on his owner's boat deck and we must have woken him. Tracey, you should tell Brian that you need a little dog like this for your boat! Ha! I think he makes a nice accoutrement, don't you?
Well, hope you enjoyed the view from the Chesapeake Bay here in Maryland this morning!


Treasia Stepp said...

Beautiful boat and all looks grand. cute little dog as well.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great deserved a nice and fun break...especially after the last week of school.
Lori G.

Hilary said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening. Great shots.. thanks for sharing.

abb said...

I am always amazed at the interiors of boats. Unbelievable how they can put everything you need in such a compact space!

Anonymous said...

This makes me miss our boat in the harbor so much! It's beautiful!

Unknown said...

HI ! I've been reading your blog everyday and thought I'd finally say hi. I'm so jealous of your beautiful surroundings ! You take beautiful pictures! I also made the chocolate au pain.. yummy! Beautiful boat, my husband and I have been considering getting one.

dlyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience. I wonder if there are any horse farms in marinas? You know - so your husband will still be able to go to work and everything ;)

Country Girl said...

Welcome to kb.knits. I checked out your site and saw your slide show on Photobucket. Thought it was pretty cool!

Yeah, dlyn, I checked it out and although the horses can swim and all, there aren't any horses farms at the marinas. So I guess we won't be moving there soon. Darn. Besides, my husband tells me that he's never been comfortable on a boat. I loved it, though!

Thanks everyone. I had a really nice time. Glad you enjoyed the pics!

~ C.G.

Egghead said...

I want a boat like that. It is certainly beautiful and what a great get away. Nice friends!

brneyedgal967 said...

Most fabulous boat! I was checking out the RV scene while on vacation and was thinking the same thing... "I could live like this... like a gypsy roaming the country."