Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photo Assignment #13

I love visiting Miriam Lovell Dyer’s photography site and when I’m able, I participate in her weekly photo assignments. If you are into photography, I suggest you visit her site! We’re up to #13 now and it’s the one I dread the most. And the only reason that I am posting it here is because I can’t get into my Flickr account. I’ve tried opening it up for the past hour now and I need to post my entry somewhere in order for Minna to comment on it. (Sorry, Minna). And due to my internet problems, I even got up early to do this. I have more speed early in the morning. Hey, that sounds funny! I do NOT like having my picture taken, and am not photogenic. I know a lot of you probably don’t like having yours taken either, and I can relate to your pain. If I were beautiful, then snap. Snap away! I’d even pose for you. I'd pose after drinking several glasses of wine, too, but that's another story for another day. But I am brave. Not too brave, though, as you can see. I’m not brave enough to come out of a tiny window of space and show all of me. But it’s enough to enter the assignment. And maybe some day, I will be more open. But today’s not the day. I shot this from my driver’s seat window of my car. It’s all I’m ready to show right now. So Minna, here’s my assignment, for what it’s worth.


Robin (Bumblebee) said...

You look pretty to me! Great photo too. And a clever way to capture the "essence" of you and your photography.

Robin at Bumblebee

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful person...inside and out!!!
Very cool way to capture your personality...unique, charismatic, beautiful, mysterious and talented!
Keep cool today, it's gonna be a hot one!! I got up at 6am and worked in my garden until 8:35am - it's going to be too hot to work out there later!

Mary said...

You are much braver than I am, and much prettier, too! And it's a fun and very creative photo.

Happy weekend!

Country Girl said...
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Anonymous said...

You are beautiful inside and out.

Country Girl said...

have NEVER thought of myself as 'pretty'. You should see my sisters. Oh, my. Yes, I am unique, as you all are, as well. And I am brave, but only compared to some. (Quick: what movie is that line from?)

But mysterious! Ha, Alisa! That's funny. There's no mystery here. I yam who I yam.

I do have a thing for rutabagas, though. I think you left out crazy in your description of me.

~ C.G.
PS -- that was me that deleted the comment above. I spelled things wrong and I don't like when that happens!

Minna Dyer said...

Both my husband and I love how your smile is barely showing between your camera strap and camera. Perfect!
I also like the reflection (remember how much I love reflection :)) because it gives a contextual reference.
Great self-portrait, in my opinion, because it shows you how I imagine you to be- happy and lovely.

I'm sorry you had to post this on your blog. But I think people like to see who "we" are sometimes.
We become detached from people in this day and age of blogs and the like, so it's nice to have connections between the writing and the writer. I feel more connected to you Kate :)

Did any of that make sense?

gail said...

just wonderful

Jacob said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was sweet. And by the way - I love your self-portrait! I do like that you aren't showing "all" of yourself...but one thing that shines through is a glimmer in your eyes. You love life and living, don't you? That is what I see in your eyes and smile behind your camera...



abb said...

What's wrong with that picture? Nothing! Very lovely - you have kind eyes that are filled with humor.

Just heard a commercial for Verizon Broad Band (not sure if that's the name). Anywho, there's some kind of stick you plug into your computer and you're on line. I have no idea if it would, but maybe that could work for you.

I'm with everyone else, you should contach the BBB and your MD state person that deals with this kind of sucky situation you're in.

Time stupid is that?!?!?

Leslie: said...

This is such a sweet photo. You look lovely from what we can see, lovely soft smile and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair. Is it naturally curly?

Country Girl said...

Yes, I do love life and living. And laughter. Funny how it all came through in this simple little picture, isn't it? And yes, Minna, what you say makes sense and I'm glad I did the assignment this week. Thank you for your comments.

Leslie, my hair is naturally curly. When I was younger, I thought it was the bane of my existence. As I've aged, I've come to embrace it. Thank you!

~ C.G.

PS -- I can't believe this. I've been able to get on the internet all day today, but only on maintenance mode on my blog. Odd.

Russell said...

Goodness!! What is all this about not being photogenic?!?? This is a WONDERFUL image! And you ARE photogenic!

You have wonderful eyes and, from I can tell, a beautiful smile, too. Also, your hair is special and natural!

I know it is human for any of us to be our own worst critic, but, please take it from someone who is a stranger, you are most photogenic!

Take care and thanks for sharing this photo with us!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo! It's so you. Fun, quirky, offbeat, different. You are lovely. I just know that one day I'll see a complete shot of you. One day.

Love this take on a self portrait!

Anonymous said...

I have to ditto everyone else... this photo of you is fantastic! Exactly as I pictured you! :)

Shimmy Mom said...

I love your partial face shots I think they look so fun and interesting, kinda like you! And from what I've seen in the partials you are beautiful. I'm going to go check out her web site it sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

To Beautiful Kate,
Funny how you see yourself isn't it? Guess you're gonna have to go with everyone else's opinion on this one.

Really cool pic.

Mental P Mama said...

I. Love. This. Shot.


Anonymous said...

you have such great eyes. They manage to be so sweet and warm while being utterly twinkly mischevious at the same time. Quite the feat! I loved the photo.
- kt

Country Girl said...

Guess what movie is playing right now? It's the Princess Bride.
VIZINNI: "I suppose you think you're brave, don't you?"
BUTTERCUP: "Only compared to some."

I just had to throw that out there.

~ C.G.

Egghead said...

This is the cutest photo. I love it. And I love your fact I have always wished for hair like that. Funny how we see ourselves.

Hilary said...

Kate, that's a great photo. Nice to see the beautiful eyes that see such wonderful images through the viewfinder.

brneyedgal967 said...

What I see in that photo of you - defines beauty. You are beautiful. Not the slick, glossy magazines with waif models... gag.

This is beauty. You.

Kelly said...


From what I can tell, you are very beautiful! I love your curls and eye...I thought you took your picture this way due to your creativity and not that you didn't want to be seen. (It is very creative either way though).

I have some photos of Amelia Earhart, whom I am related too,(she didn't like her picture taken either). There is one shot that is taken of her in a similar view to yours, so to me, everytime I see your picture, you remind me of her.

I've always believed it's the inside that's what is most important anyway!

Hope you have a great day and thanks again for helping Bobbie yesterday find the answers to the kind of flowers she had!


Adventure girl said...

I LOVE the picture of you! Not only are you beautiful, but it is artful.

I HATE having my picture taken and have actually just been thinking about that lately with my new blog and at.

My friends and family want me to post more pics of me, but I hate them. And try as I might, I am not photogenic at all and most of the time I look mad or weird.

And I def take my best pictures after a couple of drinkies:)

Anonymous said...
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