Thursday, June 5, 2008

After the Rain

I’m still in the Time Out that my internet service provider has imposed on me and some of the people I work with who I told the story to, laughed and told me that I was always a trouble-maker. But really, I didn’t see this coming (see post below, if you’re interested). I want to thank you all for your comments on yesterday’s post, and I’ll get it figured out. When you’re in Time Out, you get just about enough speed to check your mail, but not enough to get into anything else, like Blogger during peak hours. But it’s not going to deter me. I’m a pretty tough country girl and I’ve been through worse than this. It’s only the internet, for God's sake.
What I’m doing to get around the situation seems to be working for now, at least. I’m writing the posts in a word document in the evening and working on the pictures and getting them ready to upload. I re-size them to almost the size you see them here, and put them in a file. Then I’ll get up a half hour early the next day, get on Blogger, and since it’s not peak usage at 6:45 a.m., I’m able to pop everything into place.
After work today, I went to visit a co-worker who has a house right on the water, near the school, and although we were under a tornado warning, I wanted to meet her new Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. I'll have to go back with my camera. After I’d been there for a little while, the rain began to fall in torrents. We sat and watched it pour across the water and listened to the thunder. And when it had abated some, I headed home.
By the time I got here, the rain had stopped completely, and after dinner I took George for a walk down the driveway and back. I took several pictures and afterwards, played around with them in Photoshop, but none of them were anything to write home about. And while I was working in Photoshop, I looked up and out the window, saw the picture you see above. It caught my eye and will probably be terrible-looking when I upload it tomorrow, but I’ve only got a small window of time until I have to leave for work. It’s SOOC (straight out of camera), with a crop, and I’m letting it stand as is. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my offering to you today.
Have a great Thursday, everyone.


Mental P Mama said...

Well for someone with no Internet, I'd say you are doing great! I saw all those tornado warnings yesterday...glad all is well.

Anonymous said...

Lots of violent storms this spring/summer aren't there? That sunset is gorgeous!

Sorry you're having to go do so much work to provide us with our daily Country Girl fix. But we do appreciate it! Hope the internet thing gets all sorted out soon.

dlyn said...

That is a pretty good looking "terible-looking" photo I would say. Hope you get to come out of time out soon. Though we are far out in the coutry, we are blessed to have cable internet. They were running it out on the main road and I got all of our neighbors together to petition them to run it up here. They charged us each $100 extra for installation, but it was worth it. I can't live without my high speed neenernet!

Mary said...

Well, hell, your SOOC shot is my dream photo! I thought of you yesterday when I heard about the bad weather. So glad you're OK. Thanks for going that extra yard to post -- you are always my first or second stop of the day...Hope the Time Out gets straightened out soon.

Country Girl said...

I will always get the job done and I pride myself on being "reliable"! Plus, it's not like it's a job, anyway. It's fun!
Dlyn, I'm so jealous of your cable internet!
Kacey, enjoy your trip!
Laura, the tornados went south of us, but we had high winds.
Mary, it's so nice that I'm one of your first stops! Touched my heart, you did. (I'm speaking like Yoda again, don't I know it?) Can't stop now, can I?

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

If my good photos could only look half as good as your terrible photos, I'd be pleased as punch!

That sunset is GORGEOUS!

Shimmy Mom said...

That shot is beautiful. Sorry about the internet thing. But it hasn't changed how awesome your posts are!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I love all your pictures! I live in MD too!

I can't wait to sit down and read more!

Russell said...

Love the image! You probably know of Terry Redlin, the wildlife artist from Watertown, South Dakota.

I have some of his prints from the early 1980s of ducks and so on. Starting in, I think, the later 80s he started using a "glow" feature in every painting. Often it was firelight or maybe a hanging light bulb or - most often - a rising or setting sun.

He has made, literally, millions!! And you know what? Not one of his paintings is as nice as the photo you just took. It is very nice and, for a photograph, really captures the peaceful feeling that so often can only be done on canvas with a brush.

Take care and know that a person out here in Iowa sure enjoys your photos!

PS When are you going to talk to that agent about putting together your coffee table book???!

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you a dedicated blogger...there should be an award for that.

Hey isn't blooging what work computers are for...he-he.

Country Girl said...

Christine & Shimmy, ya know . . .
It's nice to encourage each other. So, thank you!

Welcome to Sarah S. Thanks for stopping by.

Cathy, if I'm getting an award for this, then we need to give you one for your awesome blog. I mean, really. People, you need to go there.

And to Russell, who is always so encouraging, thank you. I really didn't think it was all that, you know. I tried to fool with it in Photoshop, but I liked it better the way it was.

And, t-t-t-that's a-a-a-all f-f-f-folks!

~ C.G.

Hilary said...

What a lovely way to end an otherwise trying day. Keep safe out there in tornado land.

abb said...

Gorgeous shot. Hope your internet troubles are over sooner than later, Kate.

Jeannelle said...

I love your sunset photo!

Sorry to hear you had a tornado warning, though! At 2 a.m. this morning, the phone rang and it was a recorded message alerting us to a tornado warning for our area. It must be a new emergency service from the phone company.....I didn't like hearing the phone ring at that hour, but its good to stay safe in stormy weather. Take care!

Egghead said...

I love the need for photoshop. I hope your internet service is fixed soon.