Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guessing Game winner announced

Jess has won this week's Guessing Game with the correct guess of a SEASHELL. I think everyone had the correct guess, but Jess was first. See, told you it was easy this week! And yes, I found it out in my yard. I have a whole collection of them. Originally, I found it at the beach at Assateague National Seashore in MD, or maybe it was down in Ocracoke, NC. Regardless, George enjoys picking them up and toting them around the yard. He likes to lick them, too. Don't know why.
So Jess, enjoy your fame! I left a message on your blog today, but couldn't find an e-mail address. So the only thing I know about you is from your blog. Sorry!
Shimmy Mom, you were close . . . but close doesn't count in this world, now does it? Ha!
I'll be back next weekend with something much more difficult. Or maybe not. It's summertime. Things should be easier, shouldn't they?
Now say this real quick: She sells sea shells by the sea shore. Three times really fast.
Tomorrow I may have a ghost story for you.


Jessica White said...

*curtsying* Thank you! Thank you! I'd like to thank the academy and...oh I forgot myself ;-)

I'm honored!

Anonymous said...

cool page girl, nice writing!!

Mary said...

maybe George likes to lick the seashells for the salt? I keep missing your guessing game posts -- I'll have to set the alarm on my cell phone or something...

Egghead said...

I suck at these guessing games and am not even able to take a guess when they come up. My imagination was left under the cabbage leaf I was found under.