Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rain O'er Me

Finally, it rained here in Maryland this evening. The sky darkened and a gentle rain began to fall. It lasted a good hour and when I went outside just now, the grass didn't crunch beneath my feet. It was soft and verdant and the daylilies by the edge of the garden were dripping.

I didn't know until now that The Who's song, from the Quadrophenia rock opera is actually saying Rain O'er Me. I always thought it was Rain On Me. Silly me.

I smell wet doggie fur. George has been out in the rain chasing cats. I was going to say wet puppy fur, but somebody has a birthday coming up. Yup. The black & white, as my husband calls him, is going to be the Big One Oh on the 11th.
I see you, little bug, on the edge of the daylily.

Only love

can bring the rain

that makes you yearn

to the sky,

Only love can bring the rain

that falls like tears

from all high.

I can't sleep and I lay and I think

The night is hot and black as ink

Woo Oh God I need a drink

Of cool cool rain.


Marchelle said...

beautiful pictures!

Shimmy Mom said...

Love the water on the flowers. Lily's are one of my absolute favorites.
Missed you guessing game tonight.
See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love these pics. They are beautiful, inspiring really. Inspiring me to what? I don't know but I'll figure it out.

Mental P Mama said...

One of my favorite songs...great shots, too!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

Isn't amazing how something as simple as rain, can cleanse the earth, add sunshine to our life, and inspiration to our soul? I love the rain...when it comes! Walking the Pacific Ocean beaches ~In the rain ~ are my favorite memories! Thanks for sharing your pix, the song, and thoughts!

Hilary said...

Beautiful thoughts and images. I love that little bug wandering around on the petal.

Mary said...

Gorgeous photos, Kate! Funny, but I thought the same thing about that Who song...

We got the rain, too, but it did nothing to lower the humidity... I think we are in for a hot summer!